Understand attribution in digital marketing

Digital marketing is like a rolling hill that keeps  unfolding before you. Right when you think you’ve reached the peak, another appears — just a little  further out, just a little while longer. The winds shift, the weather changes. And yet, we trudge ahead.

We figure out the path, navigate the changing conditions, and make it all work in our favor. Part of this path is figuring out which channels deliver the most customers at the lowest cost. We’d like to think it’s as simple as putting an ad up and then getting a booking. But it’s never that simple: potential guests may research travel blogs, bookmark your hotel, browse your website, search for other hotels, see one of your ads, click through to your website, and then wait two weeks before eventually booking your hotel on a third-party channel.

Yikes! How is a marketer supposed to know what works best and where to allocate the marketing budget?

One Word: Attribution.


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