How to effectively market your hotel’s sustainability efforts

How to effectively market your hotel's sustainability efforts

Today’s travelers aren’t just better educated and better-informed, they’re more concerned than ever about adopting responsible practices around their personal journeys. Travelers understand that their trips can leave significant ecological footprints, and they want to minimize these impacts. The upshot is that these savvy travelers actively seek out experiences and accommodations that are in alignment with their values — especially as they pertain to environmental and sustainability practices.

In today’s digital/global age, generalized “environmental” claims in a hotel’s marketing efforts are no longer enough. Instead, it’s becoming crucial to emphasize how a guest’s choice to stay with you directly contributes to worldwide sustainability practices. This level of transparency not only educates guests but also empowers them to make responsible choices, better aligning their travel experiences with their values. Download our guide for actionable steps to identify, reach and tailor your marketing to attract these eco-conscious travelers.

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