Personalization is subtlety at its best

Personalization is practically ubiquitous. From shopping to searching, to social media algorithms that continuously serve us up more of what we like on our feed, nearly every one of us has become conditioned to being catered to. We expect Netflix to know which movies we like and Yelp to know what we want for dinner. Why should guests expect hotels to be any different? With a treasure trove of data to collect and analyze, hotels are well positioned to deliver the subtle personalization that makes guests feel at home.

Guests should be able to see the value in sharing their preferences. Personalization can be as simple as a friendly “Hello, Jane!” message, but there are so many more sophisticated, innovative options that can encourage guests to share the subtle touches that keep them happy. Imagine allowing your guests to set their preferred temperature for a room even before they arrive, and having the system remember those preferences at whatever property they stay at in the same chain.

Or, as Hilton announced, allowing guests to upload their art and photos to display in their room. Subtle touches that encourage guests to share their preferences make them feel at ease with sharing their data. Guests can sense when something is wrong, from when their data is being used in a manner that feels invasive to recognizing that their repeatedly preferred options are being ignored. The right CRM can help make sure the process of personalization is streamlined, accurate, and, from a guest’s perspective, completely seamless.


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