A toolkit for navigating global crises like COVID-19

The recent global spread of COVID-19 – and the resulting impact on personal and professional lives everywhere – has put crisis management front and center. Hotels face a domino effect triggered by the pandemic: guests are afraid or not allowed to travel, businesses are pausing corporate travel and events of all sizes are being canceled.

The resulting drop in demand means that there’s less work for hotel staff, who are rightly concerned about reduced income (or even losing their jobs), in addition to the shared uncertainty around contracting the virus. The overall level of uncertainty makes this an unprecedented event for hospitality.

We recommend a multi-pronged strategic response: sustain your operations where possible, refocus your marketing/group sales outreach and get (even) smarter with your revenue management.

In this guide to surviving the crisis, we offer tactical crisis management advice for all sides of the house, as well as tips for communicating with guests, staff and the public. By implementing these tactics, you’ll have a more confident path to navigate the crisis and make it through to the other side.

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