Cendyn’s eInsight CRM is a comprehensive hotel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, that consolidates, engages and measures disparate data transactions on travelers throughout the guest journey. Want to learn more about what hotel CRM can do for you? Take a look below at our other recent videos and guides, that explain just that.

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TNOOZ with Charles Deyo

Tnooz sat down over Skype with Charles Deyo, founder and CEO of Cendyn, to listen to his take on personalization and the specific demands of personalization at scale.

Measuring success at your hotel

If you've got your head in a spin every time you look at dashboards, spreadsheets and reports, it's time to revisit how you measure success at your hotel.

How CRM has shaped the digital landscape

The landscape of how we manage our data has changed, people are more aware of how important data is when it comes to making decisions about pricing, marketing campaigns, investment and hiring.

TNOOZ with Tim Sullivan

Tnooz sat down over Skype with Tim Sullivan to talk about the launch of Cendyn's new guest intelligence solution, eNgage.