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Guestfolio® CRM

Intuitive marketing automation and guest intelligence for boutique and independent hotels
Guestfolio CRM
  • Drive direct and repeat bookings by engaging with your guests with the right message, automatically delivered, at the right time
  • Improve ROI and profitability with automated room upgrade and online concierge services
  • Get to know your guests and build relationships to convert unknown reservation data into loyal, brand advocates
  • Increase TripAdvisor review volume by 125%
  • Automated transactional and marketing emails
  • Segmentation and customization for all email communications
  • Consolidated guest profile and reporting
  • Integrated Mobile Concierge platform for up-sell opportunities
  • Configurable guest satisfaction survey
  • Seamless TripAdvisor integration as a TripAdvisor Review Collection partner
  • Industry-first email builder for marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing list management and distribution

Guestfolio is the hotel marketing platform that drives guest engagement, retention and conversion throughout the travel journey. With the guest profile at the heart of what Guestfolio does, hoteliers can personalize the reservation experience, gain insights on their guests, use tools that build lasting brand loyalty and encourage increased conversions from OTAs to direct bookings. Learn More

eInsight® CRM

Enterprise marketing automation and guest intelligence for multi-property/multi-brand implementations
  • Centralized multi-hotel/multi-brand enterprise solution
  • Fast ramp to measurable impact and profitable revenue growth
  • Unique insights into individual guests based on their behavior and interests
  • Optimized performance only a centralized data warehouse can provide
  • New and qualified audiences now within your reach
  • Personalized, one-to-one communication
  • Intuitive cloud-based interface
  • Data modeling + audience segmentation + combined first- and third-party data
  • Guest profile management + data cleansing, consolidation and enrichment + social media integration
  • Marketing automation including email, website, display advertising and social media

Guests love it when hotels pamper them with a personalized experience — both online and on-property. Cendyn eInsight CRM gives you unmatched insights for personalization with enhanced guest profiles and deep segmentation. Increase bookings and ROI with automated, highly targeted multichannel communications that build engagement and loyalty, and continuously optimize your results with robust analytics.


Build a new intimacy with your best guests An eInsight® CRM Solution
  • Maximize revenue with repeat business and direct bookings
  • Delight guests with a personalized, distinctive loyalty experience
  • Utilize eInsight CRM and add new insight to loyalty guest profiles
  • Simplify and centralize loyalty program administration
  • Seamless integration with eInsight CRM, PMS and reservations systems
  • Email notifications to guests on status, rewards, special offers
  • Hotel-branded member portal for registration, redemption, status
  • Configurable to your unique program rules, tiers, points, etc.
  • Rules engine for multiple models — points- and stay-based, tiers, partner rewards

Reward your best guests and your bottom line with Cendyn eLoyalty. Our turnkey solution gives loyalty members an easy-to-use portal to view status, redeem rewards, book upgrades and manage profiles, while your staff gets centralized management across the loyalty ecosystem. eLoyalty integrates with eInsight CRM and PMS/CRS systems for a 360-degree view and new intimacy with your guests.


Prep your front-line staff to treat every guest like a VIP An eInsight® CRM Solution

  • Give your team the power to improve guest interactions, loyalty and repeat business
  • Create memorable guest experiences with personal recognition
  • Upsell based on guest interests
  • Eliminate time-consuming data lookups while working with guests
  • Real-time display of guest intelligence from eInsight CRM
  • Lightweight Windows application available for desktop and mobile devices
  • Configurable messaging prompts and data displays
  • Full integration with eInsight CRM
  • Simple lookups based on phone number, email address and guest name

Elevate personalized customer service to the next level by giving your front-line staff real-time guest intelligence. A lightweight Windows application, Cendyn’s eNgage preps your front desk, guest services and call center personnel to treat every guest like a VIP by displaying personalized guest intelligence on past stays, room preferences and more. Plus, your staff is poised to suggest upsells based on guest interests.


Tempt your guests with premium room upgrades An eInsight® CRM Solution
  • Drive substantial upsell revenue and easily quantify your ROI
  • Increase guest satisfaction and loyalty
  • Monetize undervalued rooms and manage overbookings
  • Enhance guest profiles with upgrade response data
  • Personalized room upgrade offers
  • Dynamic web pages for room upgrades based on business rules
  • Integrates with eInsight CRM and PMS
  • Full analytics on guest response and revenue
  • Control inventory through to guest arrival

Invite guests to upgrade to a premium room in pre-arrival or confirmation emails. You’ll enhance guest satisfaction, generate incremental revenue, optimize inventory and avoid overbookings. Cendyn’s eUpgrade gives you a turnkey email marketing and landing page solution for guests to select from room upgrade options. You control the actual booking until the time of arrival for real-time inventory management that maximizes profitability.


Upgrade the guest experience
  • Maximize incremental revenue with add-on services and bookings
  • Give guests direct access to customize their pre- and in-stay itinerary
  • Improve operational responsiveness
  • Send triggered messaging based on guest profiles and preferences
  • Social integration
  • Mobile app, mobile responsive website and desktop portal
  • Real-time guest communication and staff alerts
  • Hotel-branded interface to showcase your services and options
  • Seamless integration with eInsight CRM, PMS, operations, activities and points-of-interest

Empower your guests to customize their pre-stay itinerary and in-stay experience with Cendyn’s eConcierge. As a mobile app, mobile site or desktop portal, the eConcierge interactive planner lets guests book a spa or golf date, order room service, request supplies and more — and gives you an upsell platform. Drive incremental revenue and satisfaction with real-time communications between guests and staff.


Uncover vital insights with interactive guest surveys
  • Capture valuable guest feedback across multiple digital and on-property interactions
  • Monitor satisfaction of website, dining, front desk, room service, hotel at large and more
  • Invite respondents to newsletter sign-ups, social media and loyalty programs
  • Engage survey respondents with personalized campaigns with data-driven decisions on offerings and pricing
  • Completely configurable template-based guest surveys
  • Pre, during,and post-stay email triggers
  • Feedback integrates with eInsight CRM to enrich guest profiles and marketing automation
  • Robust reporting and analytics to identify and correct problem areas
  • Configurable suppression rules, alerts, scheduling and reporting views
  • Personalize surveys to individual guests in branded interface

Make it easy for guests to provide the feedback you need to deliver a premier experience. Cendyn’s eSurvey lets you build and roll out web surveys that uncover vital insights into guest satisfaction with your hotel and its many offerings. eSurvey helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses while capturing guest information to fine-tune personalized marketing.


Centralizes data into a single source of truth
  • Enhance guest insights with data from every touchpoint
  • Capture guest activity based on surveys, spa/golf bookings, loyalty programs and more
  • 100+ prebuilt data interfaces
  • Eliminate multi-source data lookups and inefficient communications
  • Improve visibility and efficiency with a single source of reliable data
  • No more data headaches
  • Integrates PMS, CRS, marketing, loyalty, sales & catering, spa, F&B, POS, credit card, T&E expenses, call center, ticketing and more
  • Two-way interface capabilities
  • Advanced dedupe and data certification
  • Supports all data systems and transmission methods
  • Stringent data security and compliance, including PCI, Privacy Shield, GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CASL, and SOC II

Data silos undermine your business with manual data look-ups, guesswork and delays. Cendyn eConnectivity centralizes information from multiple systems into a unified data warehouse to give you a single source of truth for data-driven guest engagement, end-to-end efficiency and informed decision-making. Seamlessly connect internal, multi-hotel and third-party systems to improve performance across your business.