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RoomKeyPMS partnership

logo-roomkeypmsCendyn is proud to partner with RoomKeyPMS to provide hoteliers with a CRM integration that enables them to put guests at the heart of what they do.

With this integration, hoteliers have access to a suite of enhanced features, including:

  • Enhanced guest profiles
  • Highly targeted multi-channel communications
  • Robust analytics designed to increase engagement and loyalty in new and returning guests

Relevant data on guest profiles, reservations, and loyalty membership can also be shared between the RoomKeyPMS and Cendyn systems to better serve the needs of their clients. This will allow both RoomKeyPMS and Cendyn’s main users to improve campaign conversion, guest satisfaction and customer retention at their properties.

Why is a CRM & PMS integration so important?

One of the most important integrations in the hotel technology suite is a tight relationship between the PMS (Property Management System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). By connecting data in these two systems, your hotel can create memorable and personalized guest experiences at every touchpoint.

Read more below to:

  • Discover the key data points exchanged between the two systems
  • See the benefits your hotel can realize from a tight integration
  • Learn how the connection enables personalized marketing service across the guest lifecycle

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