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Best practice guide

Creating a successful CRM team

Hotel CRM roles & responsibilities

As more interactions between guests and employees shift to digital channels, some hotels are losing touch with their guests. And yet, personalized service has always set hotels apart. So, how can hotels take advantage of the efficiencies of digital communications while at the same time, providing better, more personalized service? The answer is customer relationship management (CRM). But, CRM doesn't happen naturally, in order for CRM to be a success, you need a clear understanding of goals and responsibilities.


Nita Lake Lodge, Whistler, BC

Customer profile: Guestfolio CRM

As one of the top 25 hotels in Canada as rated by TripAdvisor, Nita Lake Lodge is a truly unique property. Located lakeside in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, this 77-room boutique hotel offers a genuine Whistler experience through a commitment to personalized service. “Using every element of Guestfolio CRM has enabled us to simplify the whole experience for the guest. It doesn't just save time for us as a team, it is vital for the guest to improve their overall experience at Nita Lake Lodge


Dos & Don’ts of Display Ads

A guide for hoteliers

To create a successful display ad for your hotel, you need to break through the distractions to create an ad experience that is engaging and hits just the right tone. Regardless of size, all display ads created at Cendyn include 5 creative components. Let’s go through each one by one and explain some core dos and don’ts.


10 secrets for stellar email opens & click-throughs

A guide for hotel digital marketers

Emails are the first, and often the last contact guests have with your hotel. The impact is the same as when a guest enters your front door, but not if your emails don’t get opened and your click-through rate isn’t where it should be.

In our new infographic, we offer up 10 secrets to keep your hotel’s emails from getting lost in a crowded inbox.


We Hear You: Loyalty that Listens


Understanding your guests is essential to building an effective loyalty program. To truly hear your guests, you must understand your data better. Data that is gathered through tighter integrations of the CRM/CRS/PMS, all to build more relevant loyalty programs that actually cater and serve the guest better, ultimately building revenues. Featuring viewpoints from StayNTouch, SHR and Cendyn. 


Digital Marketing Plan & Budget Guide

Advice for hoteliers

One of the most important services we provide for hotels at Cendyn is preparing a yearly digital marketing plan and budget. The whole process includes a significant amount of data, analytics, and research. In this guide, we offer insight on the most important factors to consider when creating your annual plan.

Case study:

Embassy Suites by Hilton LAX North

Customer testimonial: eProposal

Embassy Suites by Hilton LAX North (managed by Interstate Hotels & Resorts), hosts a constant rotation of meetings and events. Offering a close drive to the beach and downtown, as well as a robot butler named "Winnie," the 220-room Los Angeles hotel caters to a diverse mix of clients, including corporate, sports, military and religious groups.

“I love eProposal,” said Katrina Banzon, Complex Director of Sales for Embassy Suites by Hilton LAX North. “I recommend it to hoteliers and event planners responding to RFPs. It saves time and gives you the competitive edge.”


Hotel Granduca

Customer testimonial & success story

"Cendyn has been a fantastic partner," said Ray DeJohn, Director of Sales & Marketing at Hotel Granduca Austin. "Their service is friendly, efficient, timely and correct, which is extremely important." 

Industry Guide

Definitive Guide to Hotel Digital Marketing

Featuring 7 insightful chapters

Major changes in the hospitality industry and the constant evolution of digital marketing have created a demand for a truly definitive guide to hotel digital marketing. In this new report, you’ll learn best practices and ideas, hear from top industry experts and see how leading brands stay on top in a competitive landscape. 


9 steps to a successful hotel CRM implementation

Industry guide

Deploying a CRM is a big change for any organization. It takes vision and endurance to align systems and teams. So, how do you manage the process, integrate data sources and deliver a single point of truth? It’s a bit like putting a puzzle together. Check out our infographic for a step-by-step guide that takes the guesswork out of a successful CRM implementation. 

Case study

Inn at the Fifth

Customer testimonial

Inn at the Fifth in Eugene, Oregon, is a “very special boutique hotel.” Full of thoughtful details, the 69-room property boasts strong roots in the community, an unwavering commitment to service and a down to earth, friendly vibe.

Case study

Hotel Granduca

Customer testimonial

With Cendyn, Hotel Granduca Austin gains a technology partner that helps bring in new
travelers and lures back repeat guests. “With Cendyn, we see direct, bottom line improvement to our CRM efforts and ability to nurture a repeat client base," said Ray DeJohn, Director of Sales & Marketing at Hotel Granduca Austin. 

Case study

East Hotel

Customer testimonial

Situated between the vibrant hubs of Kingston and Manuka in Canberra's prestigious "Inner South", East Hotel is vibrant, independently owned hotel, housing 140 purpose-built 4.5 star apartment rooms, studios and suites. Guest Experience Manager, Justin Bisa explains how helped them drive more repeat bookings and maintain their personal approach guests, no matter what channel they booked with.

Case study

Catahoula Hotel

Customer testimonial

Located in the heart of New Orleans near the French Quarter, the Catahoula Hotel is a small boutique property with a “casual, cozy and above all, human” vibe. Residing in a restored creole townhouse built in 1845, the 35-room hotel is perfect for the modern traveler looking for a unique experience and historic Crescent City charm. 

Skift Trend Report

Enhancing loyalty

Best practices for CRM systems in Asia-Pacific

Created in conjunction with Skift, this report takes a deep dive into the technology and trends driving CRM and Loyalty specifically in the Asia-Pacific region spanning the important economies of China and Japan, through the hospitality heartland of Southeast Asia, down to the developed market of Australia.

Hotel Industry Guide

The OTA Shift

How to combat OTAs and drive direct hotel bookings

Hotels must figure out how to compete for direct bookings while still maximizing the distribution potential of the OTA channel. The answer is building an effective marketing strategy that ensures your hotel gets its fair share of direct bookings, rewards brand loyalty and converts the right guests.

Guía de la industria hotelera

El cambio de las OTA

Cómo enfrentarse a las OTA e impulsar las reservas de hotel directas

Los hoteles se ven en la encrucijada de competir por las reservas directas y, al mismo tiempo, maximizar el potencial de distribución del canal de las OTA.

Case study

VILA VITA Parc Hotel

Customer testimonial

VILA VITA Parc, one of the ‘Leading Hotels of the world,’ is a beautiful gem that sits within 54 spectacular acres perched above the Atlantic Ocean with lush, blooming sub-tropical gardens, distinctive Moorish-influenced Algarvean architecture, a dramatic rocky coastline and one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. They tell us how they use Guestfolio CRM to help them manage requests, survey responses, email automation and help them learn more about their guests. 

Case study

The Ampersand

Customer testimonial

Tracey Hewitson, Assistant General Manager, tells us about the beautiful Ampersand Hotel based in the heart of South Kensington, London and her success using Cendyn's Guestfolio for the past five years. “We are a boutique, independent hotel located in London, UK, very close to all the museums – Natural History Museum, V&A and the Science Museum and more. We also have great links to the city and London Heathrow by the underground. We see a mix of both corporate and leisure guests."


Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Customer testimonial & success story

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach is one of the most iconic properties on the East Coast. Why did management select Cendyn CRM and digital marketing services? Trust, simplicity and transparency.

Skift 趋势报告


亚太地区 CRM 系统的最佳实践

此报告是携手 Skift 编制而成,深入解读了促进 CRM 发展和提升忠诚度(尤其是亚太地区)的技术和趋势,并覆盖中国与日本重要的经济体,贯穿东南亚的酒店业核心地带,剖析澳大利亚的发达市场。

Case study

Hotel del Coronado

Customer testimonial

Hotel del Coronado is an iconic destination at the Pacific’s edge just minutes from downtown San Diego. Its Coronado Island setting captures the relaxed beauty and seaside charms of the quintessential Southern California coastal lifestyle. Housed in a grand 1888 Victorian property with 757 rooms, the activities offered are truly one-of-a-kind – from Mermaid Fitness and Beach Spin to Painting by the Sea.

Case study

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Customer success story

The historic Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach is one of the largest and most significant properties on the East Coast. Featuring 1,500 rooms, dozens of restaurants, spas, pools and music venues, the “bleau” has hosted every celebrity you can imagine, including Elvis, The Rat Pack and Justin Bieber. High-end clientele from all over the world mix with locals visiting the beautiful, oceanfront hotel for spa days, anniversaries and late-night celebrations.


International email marketing law guidelines

Requirements for email marketing campaigns

International email law is an important topic for any marketer to be aware of. It is however, not the easiest to grasp locally, let alone internationally. With so many variations of each country’s anti-spam laws, it is becoming increasingly difficult to send emails while being compliant with the email regulations of different countries, particularly the European Union and Canada.  To help guide you through these laws, we've created an infographic to help keep you in check! 

Hotel CRM Guide

Journey to Loyalty

Personalizing the Guest Experience

Hotels and their amenities are designed to provide guests with a truly unique experience, and your hospitality marketing should do the same. With the advancement of Hotel CRM and digital technology, it is now possible to create meaningful interactions throughout the entire guest journey, starting at pre-arrival and continuing post-stay through the loyalty loop.


3 Essential Components of Hotel CRM

What defines a true hotel CRM?

Cendyn's Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Tim Sullivan on the three essential components of true hotel CRM. See what an enhanced guest profile looks like, learn about communication automation, and see which guest intelligence and analytics you need to measure impact across your entire enterprise. 

Webinar series

Email marketing laws

All you need to know

Tired of hearing mixed messages about email marketing laws? Not sure what the best practices or laws are in your country, let alone internationally? Watch our webinar about the steps you need to take to comply with the various email marketing laws from countries where anti-spam laws exist.

Webinar series

Email design playbook

Insider guide to spurring more opens, click-throughs and actions

Learn how to create emails that look great and convert like crazy. Cendyn’s resident email experts have designed a go-to guide for email marketing tailored to the hotel and hospitality industry. See signature practices for 2017 to ensure your emails get opened and acted on. 

Webinar series

Combating OTAs

How to combat OTAs and drive direct hotel bookings via digital marketing

See how you can increase direct bookings with proven techniques that will help you entice, engage and lock in loyalty with repeat guests. 

Webinar series

Display advertising

Trends, best practices and creative tips

In this guide, we share display advertising best practices according to Google and our own observations. Everything from imagery, copy, and layout, to call to actions. Learn where we are seeing the strongest conversions and how to apply that knowledge to your own campaigns. 

Webinar series

Data-driven digital marketing

Inspiration, research & paths to conversion

Great overview of the top marketing components for 2017. Highlights include digital marketing + CRM, guest conversion funnel – upper and lower, display advertising, behavioral, look-a-like and contextual targeting, paid search and remarketing. 


Converging revenue management and customer analytics

A case study

By looking at the whole traveler lifecycle, guests’ digital traces and revenue goals, hoteliers around the globe have been able to identify and target their most valuable guests year round. One particular case study, Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA is a great example of this. Download the presentation or read the testimonial to see how they achieved 194 x ROAS.  

Industry Guide

The Expert's Guide to Smart Events

What you need to know for 2017

Today’s event landscape has changed. Now, more than ever, it’s all about maximizing return on event investment along with being smarter around planning and execution. In the past, meeting planning responsibilities revolved around logistics. Today, strategic meeting management is much more than that. It means leveraging technology, engaging audiences and producing actionable insights from the data surrounding events.

SKIFT Trend Report

The Hotel Industry’s Automated Future

A Framework for AI with a Human Touch

Each step of the guest lifecycle contains finely-tuned datapoints; reason for travel, booking date, date of last stay, amenity preferences, activity preferences, dining habits, total spend, not to mention personal datapoints like email, address, birthdate, education, income, job title, primary language and marital status – even listing them all feels overwhelming. But these pieces fit into one constantly changing puzzle that intelligence algorithms analyze with ease.

In this report, you will learn how marketers are shifting from a pattern of interruption to weaving offers and touchpoints into the guest’s life on and off property.

Case Study

Data Driven Digital

The Cendyn Effect

Can we combine Cendyn CRM guest data with third-party travel intent data to power a digital marketing campaign that drives a measurable improvement in campaign performance?

SKIFT Trend Report

Hotel CRM: Enhancing Guest Profiles and Automating Communications

Data, guest intelligence, and hotel communications

Data is driving the evolution of guest profiles and guest lifecycle models. As the insights emerging from analytics technology give marketing and operations a better understanding of guests’ behaviors and preferences, hotel bookings, services, and ancillary outreach are poised to become more effective still.

Hotel CRM Guide

Anatomy of an Email

Curate the guest experience with data and design

While personalized emails have been around for a long time, they still remain extremely under-utilized within the hospitality industry. In this helpful email marketing guide, you will learn how to use design along with your existing hotel data to create dynamic, audience-specific email campaigns that turn guests into loyal brand advocates. Discover the four basic steps of personalization and the foundation of successful email design, along with use cases that illustrate the different types of campaigns you can create.

Hotel CRM Guide

10 questions to ask before investing in a hotel CRM

An easy guide to benchmarking CRM solutions for hotels + resorts

Benchmarking hotel CRM solutions can be a challenging task in the current CRM vendor landscape. Our guide will help you ask the right questions during the consideration and due diligence phases of a possible CRM solution, allowing you to assess vendor competency and ability to lead a hotel implementation to completion.

In this guide you will find:

  • 10 questions you need to ask a prospective hotel CRM vendor
  • The type of answers you should expect from a qualified vendor
  • A summary check list

Benchmark Report: Hotel Supplier Websites

How Shifts in Mobile Usage are Affecting Direct Bookings

3-year Benchmark Study Comparing Conversions by Device

Cendyn looked at the evolution of traffic and bookings by device in a sample that included more than 100 three- to five-star boutique hotels, resorts and casinos around the world, totaling over 400 million dollars in room revenues. The study compared visits, transactions, room revenue, ALOS and ADR to uncover how shifts in mobile usage are affecting e-commerce and website direct bookings.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • Why mobile phones are to become the primary device for trip planning
  • How the increasing gap in ADR and booking yield by device affects bookings
  • Why smartphones are becoming a growth segment

SKIFT Trend Report

From Data to Action: The Future of Hospitality Marketing

Cendyn + Skift

Big data is driving opportunities to create loyalty and conversions for the hospitality industry, but it’s also posing challenges. Databases are often dispersed across disparate sectors of hotel brands’ infrastructures. The key to leveraging the power of customer information is to bring these datasets together. This report examines how to do that, and at the value that can be extracted from big data once integration is underway.

Case Study

RFP Tool Kit Case Studies

The Impact of RFP Technology on Group Business

Hotels today are drowning in RFPs, facing a 300% increase in lead volume compared to just five years ago. As a hotel, how do you handle the onslaught on these incoming requests? Do you hire an army of sales managers or do you miss out on the opportunity to increase yield and RevPAR? Ideally, you won’t have to deal with either of those scenarios. The advance of electronic RFP technology has finally given hotels the ability to streamline, automate and curate RFP responses, giving each request the attention and personalization it requires to secure that business. Cendyn recently conducted a case study on two major global chains that implemented and white labeled our RFP Toolkit. In both cases, they found significant gains when comparing the hotels’ average response times and rates before and after they began using our RFP Toolkit.

Industry Guide

10 Ways to Maximize Group Business

Increase Conversions and Nurture Repeat Business

A 2012 Pricewaterhouse-Coopers study "The Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy," shows that meetings account for $280 billion in direct spending, out of which $39 billion is spent on accommodations, $30 billion on food and beverage and $10 billion on venue rental. In the past decade, group business has been growing at an accelerated pace.

So how can hoteliers capitalize on this trend? Our experience shows that the key to success is to plan, guide, and nurture the best possible attendee and planner experience throughout the group business cycle. In this guide, you will learn how groups and events technology can help curate and personalize that experience, while streamlining operations and producing measurable results.