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RFP Tool Kit Case Studies

The Impact of RFP Technology on Group Business

Hotels today are drowning in RFPs, facing a 300% increase in lead volume compared to just five years ago. As a hotel, how do you handle the onslaught on these incoming requests? Do you hire an army of sales managers or do you miss out on the opportunity to increase yield and RevPAR? Ideally, you won’t have to deal with either of those scenarios. The advance of electronic RFP technology has finally given hotels the ability to streamline, automate and curate RFP responses, giving each request the attention and personalization it requires to secure that business. Cendyn recently conducted a case study on two major global chains that implemented and white labeled our RFP Toolkit. In both cases, they found significant gains when comparing the hotels’ average response times and rates before and after they began using our RFP Toolkit.