Thrill and surprise your audience with memorable experiences. Our solutions let you do this by organizing all your internal operations from start to finish. Produce any size event efficiently, while controlling your meeting data, costs, attendance, and ROI.

Corporate Events Suite

Ovations Ticketing

Maximize the business impact of corporate tickets
  • Quantify business value from corporate ticketing and sponsorship
  • Centralize the ticket management process
  • Minimize manual communications
  • Satisfy compliance, auditing and tax requirements
  • Automated workflows
  • Highly configurable ticket ordering, distribution and tracking
  • Multidimensional reporting
  • Integrates with Cendyn Metron and MetronXpress

Make the most of your investments in corporate ticketing and sponsorships. Cendyn Ovations supplies a complete solution to efficiently manage, track and analyze your ticketing programs and other entertainment spend — and tie it directly to results in revenue and ROI. Gain breakthrough insights into how tickets are used while drastically reducing unused tickets and underperforming sponsorships.


Streamline event planning and enhance collaboration
  • Optimize your resources to save time and money
  • Reduce event planning time and effort by 30%
  • Enhance collaboration with stakeholders
  • Drive engagement with a single go-to repository
  • Supports documents, imagery, email, texts and private messaging
  • PCI Level 1 compliance for maximum security
  • Real-time notifications of content updates
  • Configurable for branding and multiple languages
  • Unlimited users and events
  • Integrates with Amadeus Delphi and Dropbox

Improve event planning for all stakeholders with our collaborative, mobile-friendly project management tool. Cendyn Getplanning lets multi-party teams share documents, publish information and exchange messages in a secure environment with role-based permissions.


Manage menus with ease
  • Simplify menu updates and management
  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming paper menus
  • Manage multiple menus for catering, bars, and restaurants
  • Visually rich and interactive design, content and imagery
  • Role-based authentication to govern user access
  • Premium catering offers for F&B upsells
  • Fully integrated with Cendyn’s eProposal and uOrder
  • Automated online catering orders and event plans

Fully interactive, eMenus lets you put your food and beverage catering menus front and center with dazzling digital menus. Manage and revise catering menus in real-time, offer budget calculations and dynamic pricing – all with flexibility and cost-effectively. Cendyn’s eMenus is the ideal way to showcase catering options for events, and for online menus aimed at both group and guests.


Showcase your venue
  • Highlight your brand value with dynamic imagery and content
  • Enable one-click sharing across event groups or social media
  • Enjoy creative flexibility in design, branding, and visuals
  • Reduce printing costs and outdated content headaches
  • Customizable for each client, prospect or event type
  • Intuitive magazine-style page flipping
  • Master brochure repository to reuse content and imagery
  • Supports embedded video and audio
  • Responsive across desktops, smartphones, and tablets

Enhance your event sales with vibrant, personalized digital brochures that showcase your venue and value to group planners. Cendyn’s eBrochure lets you easily tailor brochures to specific clients and prospects while giving clients a shareable, environmentally-friendly digital asset that eliminates the waste of paper brochures.