Personalize and profit with data-driven digital marketing. Cut through the noise of the crowded hospitality industry with personalized multichannel campaigns that engage your audience and showcase your brand.

Digital Marketing Suite

CRM Remarketing

Take traditional re-marketing to a new level by leveraging first-party CRM data
  • Generate unprecedented ROI
  • Reach your best guests, regardless of whether they’ve visited your website
  • Leverage sophisticated look-alike models to expand your audience
  • Drive new bookings by finding and converting new guests that look just like your best guests
  • First-party data integration
  • Granular audience segmentation and targeting
  • Leverage millions of consumer profiles with advanced look-alike modeling
  • Multichannel distribution, including email, display, social and mobile

Cendyn leverages your eInsight CRM guest database for campaigns that reach your best guests and generates look-alike models from third-party data to engage with people who look just like them.

Data-Driven Display Advertising

Reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time
  • Drive 32X more revenue with programmatic advertising
  • Pinpoint your perfect audience
  • Surround them with relevant messaging during the critical booking cycle
  • Increase efficiency and scale with automation
  • Rich profiling and segmentation with integrated first- and third-party data sets
  • Advanced targeting capabilities, including audience, predictive, behavioral, preference and intent
  • Real-time bidding and premium ad inventory
  • Rich media creative for display, mobile, social and video

Cendyn’s automated solution segments your audience by income, behavior, interests, and intent. Then, we deliver highly-targeted digital ads across all digital channels with precision and scale not possible with a traditional approach. Watch your conversions and revenue soar.

Hotel SEO + SEM

Elevate your search results

    Want your brand to appear prominently in search results on Google, Bing and other engines, and industry-specific sites like TripAdvisor and Kayak? Our SEO and SEM programs elevate your paid and natural search results to increase your click throughs, conversions and brand profile. Cendyn brings unmatched expertise to complex keyword optimization, indexing and accessibility to put you on top of the competition.

    Hotel Social Media Marketing

    Turn social media into a revenue and loyalty engine
    • Expand your marketing with global reach and scale
    • Convert casual social followers into brand evangelists
    • Cultivate and enhance a distinctive brand image
    • Integrate social media into your overall digital marketing strategy
    • Zero in on millennials and leisure + business audiences
    • Target audiences by location, interests, behaviors and demographics
    • Utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more
    • Staff training on best practices for content, images and updates
    • Online reputation management and monitoring

    Social media offers some of the greatest reach and impact of all channels. Capitalize on the golden opportunity to reach new customers, fuel click throughs and build loyalty with high-impact social media marketing tailored to your brand. Cendyn experts work with you on strategy, content and creative to launch winning campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others – while tracking your measurable results.

    Social Influence Campaigns

    Unleash a profitable viral buzz via social sharing
    • Drive incremental returns with awareness and bookings through the power of social sharing
    • Identify and engage your most valuable social influencers
    • Expand customer profiles and gain new insights
    • Utilize new data for highly personalized campaigns
    • Monitor your campaigns in real-time as they go viral
    • Collaborative campaign development, tracking and data capture
    • Capture new email addresses to grow your opt-in database
    • Cross-channel reach across leading social media
    • Extend campaigns across your website, email, display and search ads
    • Broad utilization of first- and third-party CRM data
    • Robust analytics for continuous improvement

    Turn social media fans into brand ambassadors with campaigns that encourage sharing across Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. We collaborate with you to create a campaign, capture new leads, monitor results and collect data to enhance customer profiles.

    RFP Accelerator

    Data-driven marketing that increases RFP production
    • Create awareness among third-party and corporate event planners
    • 47x ROI and $2.2 million in revenue for one hotel using RFP Accelerator
    • Reach 200,000+ event planners through email marketing
    • Reach 1.5 million event planners with digital/social advertising
    • Grow your CRM database with event planner response data
    • Emails, ads drive respondents to a stylish microsite landing page
    • Highlight special offers, incentives, past event successes
    • Remarketing capabilities for multi-touch cross-channel engagement
    • Broad reach with first- and third-party contacts, look-alike modeling
    • Supports social channels — Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

    Drive event bookings by marketing your venue to targeted event planners around the globe. Cendyn’s innovative RFP Accelerator marketing tool lets you target event planners with email, social media, and paid and display ads showcasing your venue for events. Using both first- and third-party contact data, RFP Accelerator supplies unmatched reach and precision to trigger RFP invitations and signed contracts.

    Attribution Reporting

    Deep insight into multichannel campaign performance
    • Seamlessly shift budget and optimize revenue based on campaign performance
    • Get deep insights into direct and indirect attribution
    • Evolve beyond simplistic last-click attribution
    • Quantify the role of unclicked impressions in marketing
    • Centralized tagging solution across marketing campaigns
    • Coverage across email, display and search ads, social and mobile
    • Visibility into multi-exposure journey to click through and conversion
    • Robust model comparison reporting and analytics
    • ROAS calculations to compare investments vs. results

    Get deep insights into the cumulative impact of all your marketing assets across all channels. Going beyond basic last-click attribution, Cendyn ties your top-line results to both clicked assets and unclicked impressions – the billboard effect that’s critically important in a visitor’s multi-exposure path to conversion. Sophisticated reporting attribution equips you to optimize your marketing budget and results.