We make your life easier with the most integrated and comprehensive suite of sales tools in the hospitality industry. It’s time to find out how you can multiply your reach, efficiency and sales effectiveness.

Hotel Sales Suite


Respond to RFPs in minutes
  • Dramatically increase group business opportunities
  • Respond faster with personalized, media-rich proposals
  • Easy ramp up: simple template-based solution
  • Track all engagement throughout the process
  • Notification system allows immediate follow-up
  • Amadeus Delphi sales and catering integration
  • Seamlessly integrates with Cendyn’s suite of sales optimization tools
  • Configurable and scalable
  • Internationalized in over 30 languages

Seize first-responder advantage and dramatically increase group bookings by replying to RFPs in minutes, while your competition takes a day or more. Trusted by more than 22,000 hotels, the award-winning Cendyn’s eProposal lets you rapidly create and deliver personalized, media-rich RFP replies on a branded microsite. Plus, get real-time alerts to interactions with your proposal so sales reps can react immediately.


Make a great impression with video An eProposal™ Solution
  • Increase conversion with personalized videos
  • Make a great impression to cultivate lasting relationships
  • Differentiate your property from faceless competitors
  • Integrated with Cendyn’s eProposal
  • Create your own videos on the fly
  • Supports creation of reusable video library
  • Repurpose YouTube, Vimeo or other video content

Make a great face-to-face impression with video clips featuring your staff. Cendyn’s innovative eFaceTime video marketing tool helps drive conversion by showcasing your venue as more than a faceless commodity. Get creative with videos to support your eProposal RFP response and highlight special offers, your amenities and welcoming staff.


Improve efficiency and speed closing time An eProposal™ Solution
  • Increase conversions and accelerate sales
  • Meet client expectations for secure digital business
  • Improve efficiency for your clients and staff
  • Receive real-time updates
  • Eliminate cost and delay of paper document transactions
  • Fully integrated with eProposal RFP response solution
  • Secure and certified PCI-compliant solution
  • Based on market-leading Sertifi eSignatures technology
  • Fully configurable for branding and personalization
  • Advanced user authentication and document storage

Close deals fast by making it simple and secure for clients to electronically sign an eProposal contract. Cendyn’s eContract saves time and money with PCI-compliant e-signature capabilities. You’ll increase conversions and speed closing time while strengthening security and eliminating the cost and inefficiency of paper-based business.


Enhance your communications An eProposal™ Solution
  • Make a great first impression with prospects and new clients
  • Spark engagement with personalized, branded communication
  • Drive traffic to your website, videos, promotions, social media and more
  • Enhance eProposal RFP reply communications
  • Broad range of skins for all occasions and holidays
  • Efficiently reuse content across multiple eCards
  • Supports PDFs and other attachments

Cendyn’s eCard gives you a broad choice of styles and imagery for branded communications. Let your customers know they are valued with a personalized thank you, holiday greeting, special offer, meeting reminder, sales call follow-up and more.


Simple, easy-to-use solution
  • Faster response times to RFPs
  • Accessibility: Internet-based solution
  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable templates
  • Secure database and reporting
  • Unlimited users and usage
  • Ongoing support and training


Cendyn’s eP LITE, offers the same administrative features as the full solution with a simplified client-facing presentation. A one-page welcome message and sales offering links to your preferred content, along with an image header and brief photo tour. This easy-to-use solution also includes a simple dashboard for managing users, content, activity, special offers and our proprietary eCard system.


Optimize the lead lifecycle
  • Drive group bookings and elevate client satisfaction
  • Improve sales force collaboration and performance
  • Streamline lead tracking, cultivation and management
  • Respond faster thanks to real-time alerts
  • Optimize lead management across multi-property portfolios
  • Multi-property referrals for leads that can’t be booked by a requested hotel
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Complete contact and account management solution
  • Configurable user permissions to govern system access by role
  • Integrates with eProposal, Delphi, third-party and internal applications

Mobilize your sales force and increase revenue with the industry’s premier lead management solution. Engineered expressly for hotel group sales, eLeads helps you optimize the lead-to-opportunity-to-close lifecycle with robust workflows, visibility, tracking and lead qualification. Reap the rewards of upgrading from manual processes to a unified cloud platform built to maximize bookings.


Manage menus with ease
  • Simplify menu updates and management
  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming paper menus
  • Manage multiple menus for catering, bars and restaurants
  • Visually rich and interactive design, content and imagery
  • Role-based authentication to govern user access
  • Premium catering offers for F&B upsells
  • Fully integrated with Cendyn’s eProposal and uOrder
  • Automated online catering orders and event plans

Put your food and beverage offerings front and center with dazzling digital menus. Cendyn’s eMenus is ideal to showcase catering options for events, and for online menus aimed at both group and guests. Fully interactive, eMenus lets you manage and revise menus with flexibility and cost-efficiency simply not possible with paper.


Discover the Best Menu Planning Software An eMenus Solution
  • Significantly decrease printing costs with a sustainable and eco-friendly solution
  • Streamline the planning process for increased efficiency and client satisfaction
  • Allow customers to view and select menus for upcoming events
  • Showcase your latest offerings and remove outdated listings/pricing with easy editing
  • Organizes and tracks event orders
  • Built-in budgeting tools
  • Available 24/7
  • Integrates with eMenus and eProposal

With uOrder, customers can select catering menu items, enhancements and quantities for events and full multi–day programs. They can organize, explore and brainstorm on the best menus available (including budget) and submit the order directly to the hotel for review.


Showcase your venue
  • Highlight your brand value with dynamic imagery and content
  • Enable one-click sharing across event groups or social media
  • Enjoy creative flexibility in design, branding and visuals
  • Reduce printing costs and outdated content headaches
  • Customizable to each client, prospect or event type
  • Intuitive magazine-style page flipping
  • Master brochure repository to reuse content and imagery
  • Supports embedded video and audio
  • Responsive across desktops, smartphones and tablets

Enhance your event sales with vibrant digital brochures that showcase your venue and value to group planners. Cendyn’s eBrochure lets you easily personalize brochures to specific clients and prospects. Give clients a shareable, environmentally-friendly digital asset and eliminate the waste of paper brochures.


Put unlimited information at your client’s fingertips
  • Easily address dozens of event and venue questions
  • Save time with a single resource library
  • Highlight upsell offers for incremental revenue
  • Keep stakeholders current on event changes
  • Display venue photos, maps, rich media and other documentation
  • Eliminates paper documents and large binders of outdated information
  • Personalize with your GM’s photo and signature
  • Easy on-the-fly editing and content updates
  • Integrates with eProposal, eMenus and getplanning

Roll out a red carpet of information and answers for event-planning clients. Cendyn’s ePlanner lets you create an online event resource library that puts unlimited information at your client’s fingertips. Save event planners time and frustration by addressing dozens of questions, from banquet options and room maximums to security, parking and more, all on an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly microsite available 24/7.

RFP Tool Kit™

The industry’s most advanced RFP solution
  • Enable prospects to quickly and easily submit RFPs
  • Streamline and simplify complex RFP processes
  • Accelerate value and results for planners and your venue
  • Reduce manual processes to manage and pursue leads
  • Comprehensive RFP management, tracking and reporting
  • Configurable templates allow planners to submit an RFP in minutes
  • Integration with Cendyn’s eProposal enables venue RFP reply in minutes
  • Integrates with Cendyn’s Metron SMM, Amadeus Delphi and MeetingBroker
  • Direct leads from Fortune 100 companies via Cendyn’s Metron SMM

Drive success between your venue and event planners with the industry’s most advanced RFP submission and response solution. Cendyn’s RFP Toolkit gives your hotel a turnkey system for prospective clients to submit RFPs quickly and easily – while you reply within minutes using eProposal. Drive results with a system used extensively by the event planning community to search and compare potential venues.


Streamline event planning and enhance collaboration
  • Optimize your resources to save time and money
  • Reduce event planning time and effort by 30%
  • Enhance collaboration with stakeholders
  • Drive engagement with a single go-to repository
  • Supports documents, imagery, email, texts and private messaging
  • PCI Level 1 compliance for maximum security
  • Real-time notifications of content updates
  • Configurable for branding and multiple languages
  • Unlimited users and events
  • Integrates with Amadeus Delphi and Dropbox

Improve event planning for all stakeholders with our collaborative, mobile-friendly project management tool. Cendyn’s Getplanning lets multi-party teams share documents, publish information and exchange messages in a secure environment with role-based permissions.