Transform your website into a revenue engine. You want guests to stay at your hotel. First you need to entice them to stay on your website and not click away to an OTA. Cendyn has created thousands of pixel-perfect hotel websites that inspire visitors to linger, explore and book.

Interactive Design + Development

Fully Responsive Design

Optimize your site for every digital touchpoint
  • Capitalize on and optimize lifecycle engagement
  • Seamless multi-device experiences
  • Boost in-stay revenue with mobile optimization
  • Reduce revenue leakage to OTAs
  • Fully responsive across all devices and orientations
  • Industry-specific best practices and benchmarking
  • Collaborative project planning and implementation
  • Award-winning expert design services
  • Content strategy with SEO integration
  • Robust analytics for measurement and optimization

Give your guests the premier mobile experience they expect from a top hotel brand. Cendyn’s fully responsive design ensures that your website renders seamlessly on any device — desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Optimize your site for every digital touchpoint to drive results at every stage of the guest lifecycle, from pre-stay research to in-stay activities to ongoing loyalty.

Content Management

Easily update content with a powerful CMS
  • Streamline the content update process and improve productivity
  • Increase guest traffic and revenue with fresh, inviting content
  • Tailor content to individual guests and group bookings
  • Leverage blogs, videos, photo galleries, newsletters and more
  • Expand reach with simple sharing to social media
  • Simple, real-time content updates by non-technical users
  • Multilingual content
  • Versioning, archiving and media libraries for files, images and video
  • One-click sharing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels
  • Integration with analytics, eInsight CRM, reservations and social
  • Optional content development by Cendyn professionals

Transform your website into a revenue generating engine with content that informs and intrigues. Cendyn’s powerful content management system (CMS) lets you to turn static content into dynamic marketing assets that captures search traffic and extends visitor time on your site. Non-technical users can easily create and freshen key sections, blogs, photo galleries, video tours and more, all from a centralized portal.


Boost engagement with pinpoint precision
  • Increase profitability with cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Satisfy guest demand for a personalized experience
  • Turn casual browsers into loyal, high-value visitors
  • Differentiate your brand vs. generic rival websites
  • Improve time on site and look-to-book ratios
  • Real-time personalization to seize moments of opportunity
  • Leverages rich guest data in eInsight CRM
  • Aligns site marketing with personalized emails and advertising
  • Flexible guest segmentation and business rules
  • Enhances guest intelligence by capturing interactions

Extend your brand’s personal touch to your website with offers and recommendations tailored to each visitor’s behavior, history, location and more. Cendyn’s data-driven personalization lets you understand and anticipate guest needs to deliver custom content with pinpoint precision on your website — and across all your digital marketing channels — to boost engagement and revenue.

Website Analytics

Monitor every aspect of site performance
  • Utilize robust data-driven analytics to optimize marketing dollars
  • Real-time insights into all aspects of site performance
  • Monitor site interactions by conventional and mobile devices
  • Insight into top site traffic generators
  • Intuitive visual dashboard interface
  • Slice and dice analytics with drill-down to detail
  • A/B testing to identify most effective design and content
  • Flexible segmentation of visitor types and activities

Unleash your website’s potential to elevate your brand, revenue and guest satisfaction. Cendyn supplies robust analytics to monitor every aspect of site performance to ensure visitors enjoy seamless navigation. Monitor key metrics such as time on site, pages viewed and conversion rates — and capture individual behavior to enrich guest profiles for personalized marketing.