Dynamic Appeal and Cost Effective
Traditional menus are expensive to print and reprint, cumbersome to edit and send to clients, and do not allow your guests to envision their meals. Unlock missing revenue with Cendyn's eMenus®, an

interactive dining menu

that allows catering and banquet planners or private dining guests to instantly access a dynamic, visually pleasing format complete with mouthwatering photography. eMenus are ideal for resorts, convention centers, restaurants, and any venue that hosts groups and events.

Not only is eMenus more cost-efficient and environmentally wise than paper menus, it can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, with access to the internet. To date, our clients have sent more than 100,000 eMenus, eliminating the need to print over one million sheets of paper!

Product Features

  • Integration with Google Analytics provides the ability to track menu exposure and marketing campaigns
  • Eye-catching content with high quality photography
  • Seamless transition for today's connected guests and meeting planners
  • Up-sell premium catering plates with mouthwatering photography
  • Content controlled and updated by catering departments/chefs/DOCs 24/7/365
  • Customers are able to directly affect their meeting plans
  • Branded options allow consistent branding with personalized look and feel for each hotel
  • Fully integrated into our eProposal® system and uOrder
  • Print to PDF
  • Dual language functionality
  • Easy to use format with tool menu
  • Saves user account information
  • Sales and catering software integration with NewMarket® International