Everything you need to know about metasearch advertising

A guide for hoteliers

When done well, metasearch can be a hotel’s best friend. It’s a source of demand that can be more affordable than OTAs, more reliable than your brand.com and less costly than brand marketing. On the flip side, when done poorly, metasearch can waste money and reduce profitability.

Metasearch is extraordinarily powerful and may be the most important marketing channel today in travel. It should take a prominent place in a well-rounded distribution strategy.  More than 90% of consumers use metasearch services to book hotels, according to a report from EyeforTravel. 

Those sticky habits are part of the reason why metasearch advertising is growing. According to Sojern’s 2019 Report on Travel Advertising, a majority of hotel marketers (62%) planned to increase digital ad spending in 2019. Of that, metasearch continues to
be a growing part of many marketers’ advertising mix, with 29% of independents and over 40% of international luxury and mid-tier chains planning to increase spending on metasearch.

If your hotel is looking to take advantage of metasearch in your advertising plan, look no further. Here’s what you need to know about making metasearch work for your hotel.


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