Conversion optimization and parity performance

Actionable OTA parity intelligence

Cendyn Rate Match automatically shops your hotel’s stay dates in real time, mimicking your guests’ searches and locations, and revealing OTA parity violations across your distribution network. Unlike other rate shoppers, Cendyn Rate Match relies on continuous live shopping with real-time notifications and delivers far more actionable data.

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Price compare

Give your guests the confidence to book directly by showing you have the same or better rate than the OTAs. Across thousands of hotels and geographic areas, Price Compare delivers an average 56% increase in conversion rates.

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Price match

When major OTAs undercut your direct price, you can expect to see your conversion rate drop by an average of 36%. Cendyn Rate Match can modify your rates in real time to match or beat OTA price violations and capture those bookings. Price matches fit within configurable guardrails, enabling you to drive higher direct bookings and higher revenue per visitor, matching rates by as little as a dollar.

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Personalized messaging and pricing

Raise website conversion rates with personalized messages and member-only prices based on information available about the guests in the CRS, CRM, and digital marketing platforms.

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