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Measuring success at your hotel
If you've got your head in a spin every time you look at dashboards, spreadsheets and reports, it's time to revisit how you measure success at your hotel.
Ace your hotel RFP response process
Our latest guide provides you with five simple steps to keep you competitive and ahead of the game at your hotel.
winner RFP response
Unlocking the potential of group sales and catering
Look at how group sales & catering has become a revenue generator & profit centre for hotels.
Group sales and catering
Data Management Essentials
Build a foundation for the next right action & personalized engagement based on updated, accurate & relevant data.
Data Management Essentials Guide - Cendyn
10 questions to ask before investing in a hotel CRM
Benchmarking hotel CRM solutions can be a challenging task in the current CRM provider landscape, this easy guide will give you the means to find the right CRM for your hotel.
2019 digital marketing plan & budget guide
Get the guidance you need to create your hotel's 2019 digital marketing plan and budget.
Understanding actual intelligence
We can't escape the topic of AI today, it's everywhere, and in a world of big data and personalization, this is now what shapes how we approach everything in the hospitality industry.
Actual Intelligence
Obtaining consent for marketing activities
This guide will give you all the tips you need to ensure you are managing your data and consent for marketing activity in a compliant way.
guide to marketing consent
The CRM data warehouse
In this whitepaper, we look at how this data focus is shifting the perceptions of how data can be used and where it should be stored.
CRM data warehouse
Hotel marketing segmentation guide
Our latest guide provides you with 5 easy steps to ensure you are doing what is needed to provide that perfect experience for every guest.
Email deliverability guide for hotels
With the increased clamp down on email marketing due to recent privacy laws like GDPR, hotels need to safeguard the success of every send.
CRM + PMS Integration Essentials
In this guide we explore one of the most important integrations in the hotel technology suite - the tight relationship between the PMS & CRM.
A guide from Cendyn
Changing traveler expectations
Download our guide to discover how traveler expectations have changed and and how hotels can deliver on their needs.
8 ways traveler expectations are changing
A hotelier’s guide to personalization
In this guide, you'll learn how to enable automated, predictive and relevant guest engagement across the entire traveler lifecycle.
Hotel CRM & social media guide
In this guide, we’ll explore how powerful data segmentation can be used when these two information systems are used together.
CRM and social integration
Hotel marketing to millennials
Millennials now make up the largest living generation and are spending more on travel than ever.
A millennial
A hotelier’s guide to GDPR
With GDPR coming into effect on May 25, 2018 this guide will help you prepare for the new legislation and enable you to get your database ready in time.
CRM Best Practices
How can hotels take advantage of the efficiencies of digital communications while at the same time, providing better, more personalized service?
CRM Best practice guide
Enhancing loyalty Asia-Pacific
Created in conjunction with Skift, this report takes a deep dive into the technology and trends driving CRM and Loyalty specifically in the Asia-Pacific region.
Cendyn Skift Report
亚太地区 CRM 系统的最佳实践
此报告是携手 Skift 编制而成,深入解读了促进 CRM 发展和提升忠诚度(尤其是亚太地区)的技术和趋势,并覆盖中国与日本重要的经济体,贯穿东南亚的酒店业核心地带,剖析澳大利亚的发达市场。
Cendyn Skift Report
Digital marketing best practices
In this hotel digital marketing guide you’ll learn best practices and hear from top industry experts and see how leading brands stay on top in a competitive landscape.
How to combat OTAs
Hotel industry guide to help hoteliers combat OTAs and drive direct hotel bookings.
El cambio de las OTA
Los hoteles se ven en la encrucijada de competir por las reservas directas y, al mismo tiempo, maximizar el potencial de distribución del canal de las OTA.
The hotel industry’s automated future
Learn how marketers are shifting from a pattern of interruption to weaving offers and touch points into the guest’s life on and off property.
data globe
Journey to loyalty
With the advancement of Hotel CRM and digital technology, it is now possible to create meaningful interactions throughout the entire guest journey, starting at pre-arrival and continuing post-stay through the loyalty loop.