A hotelier’s guide to data science

The essential toolkit for working with data as a hotel marketer

Data can be tricky. Too much, not enough, or hiding in silos, it’s a beast. Today, hotel marketers need the fundamental skills of working with datasets to gain truths and take action. In our latest guide, we coach you through key techniques hoteliers can use to advance data science inside their orgs and improve the effectiveness of their marketing programs 

What’s inside?  

  • Learn hotel system data combinations and recipes for success when you slice, dice and segment for marketing 
  • Tricks for leveraging multiple data sources from across your tech stack and implementing it for omni-channel reporting  
  • Tips for collaborating with teams across your hotel to get data, visibility & buy-in for actionable results  
  • Walk away with a data science tool kit, 8 real-life examples and a game plan to implement at your hotel 


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