Social creative that boosts conversions

Use creative that converts

Social media is a boisterous place. It’s a constant competition, with brands vying for attention alongside friends, family, colleagues, and influencers. To truly stand out, your hotel has to not only be active on social, but produce fresh and creative content that catches the eye and connects with your audience.

That’s not to say that every hotel brand should constantly try to reinvent itself on social media. There’s value in providing the expected content types and staying true to your brand, whether it’s promoting the latest offers, publishing enticing photos of rooms and amenities, or the reposts of guest content. These are the touchstones of any effective social media strategy.

In this guide, we’re going to explore how to level up these touchstones to create content that’s more than just typical hospitality fodder. By using the right tools, you can publish social media creative that engages readers, increases bookings, and gets results.


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