Enhancing loyalty Asia-Pacific

Enhancing loyalty: Best practices for CRM systems in Asia-Pacific

Managing customer relationships is one of the most critical elements of gaining and increasing loyalty, and yet can be the most difficult for hospitality chains to master, as customers interact with chains via a burgeoning number of contact points; email, mobile, online, and of course, at the front desk. Never before has technology, and specifically software, played a more important role in improving what is ultimately the human experience of hospitality, both in terms of curating and providing it, but also in the way that customers express their gratitude for that experience in the form of loyalty.

Created in conjunction with Skift, this report takes a deep dive into the technology and trends driving CRM and Loyalty specifically in the Asia-Pacific region spanning the important economies of China and Japan, through the hospitality heartland of Southeast Asia, down to the developed market of Australia.


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