5 essential steps to A/B test the right way

A short guide to optimizing your website, emails, and digital marketing

When it comes to hotel marketing, a “test and learn” approach offers a significant advantage: it’s always improving based on past performance. All hotel marketers begin with great intentions when launching campaigns, measuring performance and iterating accordingly. However, things come up, life happens, and before you know it, you’re already exploring the next marketing campaign without having spent the time to measure the performance of the previous one.

This is where A/B testing becomes beneficial. An A/B test is when different variables in a marketing campaign is tested, such as different copy, segment, time sent, promotion value, or images. Each version is served to a random sample of users, and then the results compared to each other to better optimize the marketing campaign. Download our guide to learn the top 5 steps on how to master an A/B marketing campaign.


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