Robust loyalty features to supercharge your casino’s direct booking strategy

Robust loyalty features to supercharge your casino's direct booking strategy

Meeting the needs of the gaming audience demands a thoughtful fusion of innovation and customer-centric features. A crucial element in this endeavor is the implementation of a reservation system and booking engine designed specifically for the gaming community. In this blog, we delve into the indispensable loyalty features that can enhance players’ direct booking experience and play a pivotal role in cultivating a loyal customer base.

Loyalty sign-up: By integrating a booking engine with a loyalty sign-up feature, a casino can provide its loyal players with a seamless experience. This enables guests to join the loyalty program while booking their accommodations and access personalized loyalty offers, discounts, and any other eligible services.

Enhance revenue streams through comp cash integrations, effectively managing the complimentary rooms by incorporating comp rates and segment rates. These rates contain crucial information about the allocation of complimentary rooms to different player segments, detailing room fees for players once their complimentary rooms limit is reached or if they are ineligible for such accommodations. The reservation system seamlessly integrates this segment information from the loyalty system and generates distinct comp and segment rates based on players’ ADT (Average Daily Theoretical) value. This ensures that players with the higher ADT value receive the highest number of complimentary rooms when booking directly through the booking engine. The primary objective of the comp cash integration is to optimize revenue per player and cultivate loyalty among dedicated patron players.

With this functionality, you only need to upload a single rate plan in the reservation system, empowering casino resorts with separate hotel and casino operations. In such cases, hotel revenue managers can charge a complimentary room fee to casino revenue managers, allowing the former to demonstrate revenue in their books while keeping the rooms entirely free for players when booking directly through the engine.

Player-based comp limit: Drive player loyalty and boost casino revenue by extending the complimentary stay of high-value players through a strategic allocation based on their ADT values within the reservation system. This targeted approach allows casinos to maximize the impact of offering complimentary rooms to top-tier players, recognizing the potential in prioritizing this valuable segment, driving sustainable growth and helping to stay ahead of the competition. Read more about player-based comp restrictions here.

Loyalty tiers: Create an extra layer of excitement and exclusivity for players by introducing a tiered loyalty system in the reservation system. The loyalty tiers are created based on the player’s average and aggregate value with the casino. Each tier has its rewards, creating a gamified experience that motivates players to climb the loyalty ladder.

From exclusive room upgrades and early access to special events to personalized concierge services or modification of flexible policies, each tier should offer increasingly enticing rewards. This tiered approach fosters a sense of achievement for players and provides an additional incentive for them to continue choosing your hospitality venue for their gaming escapades.

Loyalty room upsells: Upselling opportunities within the reservation system can significantly enhance the player’s booking experience. By offering tailored loyalty room upsells, you increase revenue and deepen the connection between your venue and the gaming community. It allows players eligible for a complimentary room to upgrade their room for a nominal fee for a better experience.

The upsell functionality should be strategically aligned with each player segment, providing relevant and enticing options that cater to the unique preferences of different players. This enhances the overall value proposition for players and showcases your commitment to delivering a personalized gaming hospitality experience.

A reservation system and booking engine tailored for the gaming audience must go beyond the basics to provide a truly immersive and rewarding experience for their loyal players. The indispensable features detailed here can set your hospitality venue apart and foster a loyal customer base. By implementing these, you meet and exceed the gaming community’s expectations, creating a memorable and personalized journey for every player. In the competitive hospitality landscape, embracing the gaming audience’s unique needs through a robust reservation system is not just a strategy — it’s a winning move that can elevate your venue to new heights.

Cendyn’s innovative solution, Cendyn CRS, seamlessly integrates with casino loyalty programs enabling customized rule-setting for enhanced player experiences, streamlined operations, and increased revenue through a user-friendly booking engine. This system efficiently extracts detailed player segment information, empowering casino managers to tailor rules according to their specific requirements, delivering robust loyalty features for an enhanced player journey and increased financial gains. The integrated Booking Engine provides players with a seamless direct booking experience, allowing them to access all loyalty benefits linked to their profiles.

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