Cendyn featured in 2018 Hospitality Technology Study

Our friends at StayNTouch, Fuel Travel, and Flip.to released the 2018 Hospitality Technology Study. This comprehensive study highlights where hoteliers and technology vendors align and where they differ as it relates to the challenges and priorities in the market.  

Here is just a sample of some of the great insights they uncovered in the study: 

Hoteliers and suppliers agree that a lack of integration between products is the main technology challenge facing hotels today 

  • Hoteliers believe that ROI is the most important factor to consider when investing in new technology solutions, while suppliers believe that ease of use is the most important factor 

Cendyn’s SVP of Global Marketing + Business Development Michael Bennett responded to some of these key insights, offering his knowledge and Cendyn perspectives on topics in the study.  

You can read his response, as well as the rest of the study by downloading the 2018 Hospitality Technology Study now. 

Michael Bennett - Tech Study 2018 - Cendyn


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