Data management fundamentals for hoteliers

Watch the webinar recording

In partnership with Sojern and Jumeirah, we are very happy to present our slides and recording from the webinar session on Data Management 101 for hoteliers. Data is transforming the hotel industry, requiring hoteliers in all departments to have basic skills in data management, analysis and decision making. In this webinar, we explain the fundamentals of data management and how to leverage data across your hotel to increase profitability, collaboration and personalization. You will learn:

  • The meaning of data science, algorithms and artificial intelligence.
  • Benefits of guest data to operations, marketing and revenue management
  • Tools and processes for integrating data across multiple sources
  • How to use data to take the guesswork and emotion out of decision making
  • How leveraging traveler data on the path to purchase to drive bookings
  • How one hotel group uses data insights to drive the guest experience and profitability


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