How to market your hotel after a hurricane

Strategies for marketing after the storm

In light of the recent Hurricane Dorian damage to the Bahamas, many hotels are struggling to bring back guests to the islands.

For hotels in the path of storms and other natural disasters, it’s important to have a marketing strategy in place. Join Cendyn and other industry experts as we share advice for the Bahamas, Caribbean, and beyond on how to respond once the storm has passed.


  • Learn effective hotel marketing strategies to communicate with and win over prospective guests following weather and other disasters
  • Examples of successful promotional campaigns
  • A joint presentation from our Webinar sponsored by Cendyn, HTC, TravelClick, Fairleigh Dickinson University, HVS, the Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA) and the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association (HSMAI)
  • Want more than slides? Go here to watch an on-demand version of the Webinar

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