Refinery Hotel
Refinery Hotel
Refinery Hotel is a luxury 5-star property located in Midtown Manhattan’s Garment District. This independent boutique hotel, located in the historic 1912 Colony Arcade building, features stylish loft rooms, the acclaimed Parker & Quinn restaurant, and the trendsetting Refinery Rooftop bar favored by both locals and visitors.
Customer Story

Refinery Hotel's success using Cendyn's full suite of digital services and distribution solutions

Flexible pricing features and expert client support from Cendyn lead to increases in direct website revenue


As one of the leaders in its comp set, the Refinery’s biggest challenge was keeping the momentum to outperform the city and other competitors, as well as having the healthiest mix of sales that reduced reliance on the OTAs and pushed volume from lower-rated segments to higher-rated segments. The Refinery used the full suite of Cendyn’s solutions to address these challenges and stay ahead of the market.

In my previous hotels I did work with a lot of brands, which you will be able to enjoy a lot of support. However, at the same time, there is a sacrifice on lack of flexibility and creativity. With Cendyn, instead of adjusting yourself to follow the brand’s cookie-cutter rules, I have the flexibility and I can make things happen together with Cendyn’s support. — Michelle Mu, Director of Revenue at Refinery Hotel


Refinery’s revenue management team uses Pegasus CRS and its flexible pricing features and expert client support from the Cendyn team to run creative, proactive marketing campaigns to increase direct bookings.


Since 2016, Refinery Hotel has experienced 20% average YOY increases in booked room nights, and 22% average YOY increases in direct website revenue.

increase in average YoY booked room nights
increase in average YoY direct website revenue

This case study was completed before the Cendyn and Pegasus merger but Refinery Hotel can now benefit from the full suite of Cendyn products.