Revenuemanager Masterclass: How to boost productivity at your hotel

Revenuemanager Masterclass webinar

On May 20th, Hospitality Net and funnel TV hosted the fourth episode of their Revenuemanager series. Cendyn’s VP of Customer Services and Support taught an exciting masterclass session about the importance of productivity.

At this stage of hospitality recovery, many hotels are still operating on limited staff and as such need to focus on how with their limited resource they can maximize efficiencies, drive productivity and leverage revenue management best practices to support those efforts.

Watch this masterclass to learn practical tips to boost productivity at your hotel and how you can outperform your competition by getting more done.

For this panel discussion, we are joined by the following hotel technology experts:

  • Len Wasserman, VP, Customer Services & Support at Cendyn
  • Federica Salvator, Revenue Strategist at FunnelTV
  • Christoph Hutter, non-traditional Revenue Manager at Christoph Hutter Revenue Managment
  • Enzo Aita, Global Head of Business Development at HyperGuest

The lively discussion covers strategic planning, cross-department collaboration, and leveraging data at your fingertips. The experts also discuss how an RMS can help any hotel boost productivity and the hotel technology integration.

The webinar was broadcast on Thursday, May 20, 2021.


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