Automated interest tracking

Automated interest tracking with Guestfolio CRM

As we continue to see technology enhancements in every industry, one theme rings true throughout – the continued advancements in automated and learned technology. In the hospitality industry we have learnt that by understanding more about guests’ wants, interests and needs, we have a greater ability to predict their behavior and provide them with the most personalised and unique stay. Guestfolio, the CRM platform built for the independent and boutique hotelier, has just launched its latest feature that uses this automation to learn more about guests through every interaction from the hotel.

Guestfolio uses segmentation from both the reservation data provided by the PMS but also from pre-defined interests created by each hotel. This in-depth segmentation allows hoteliers to really understand what drives their guests to; make a booking, decide which restaurant to book or decide which wine to choose when they arrive. Having that data in every guest profile, automatically collected through your CRM allows hoteliers to focus more on enhancing the guest experience instead of gathering data.

Through automation, the guest profile is continuously updated with real-time interactions and interest updates as a guest interacts with any given communication from the hotel. Their interest is tracked and stored for use across the platform – either for those at the front desk, looking to surprise and delight their guests on arrival with a personal recommendation based on their profile interests, or for those on the marketing team working towards segmenting their database to communicate with each guest with the right, tailored message, at the right time.

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