Cendyn CMS: New Dashboard, email template editor and more

At Cendyn, we understand that your hotel website is the foundation of your digital strategy, and a crucial revenue generation engine that establishes brand credibility, acts as your most important sales channel, and provides a robust online hub for your guests. Behind the scenes of any successful hotel website is a powerful CMS that provides an intuitive interface and compelling content to effectively convert lookers into bookers.

The Cendyn CMS is a sophisticated website technology platform built specifically for the hospitality industry. As the technology behind award-winning websites, it provides robust personalization features and integrations that allow you to tell your story uniquely for every guest.

We’re always working hard to ensure that your website can continue to deliver the functionality and compelling design that ultimately gives guests the confidence to book direct. That’s why we’re excited to announce the many enhancements we’ve deployed to Cendyn CMS.

These updates make the CMS easier to use, provide more opportunities for self-service, and improve your security.

A more intuitive, streamlined dashboard design

To ensure users can find what they need quickly, the new dashboard is divided into three main sections: Page Content, Language Management, and Admin Settings. The tiles within the sections are arranged alphabetically and include a brief description when they might not be self-explanatory.

New email template editor

Users will see their templates within an editor that offers full editing capabilities. Whether they need minor or major changes, users can now update their email templates themselves.

CMS Google Map Key management

To ensure that guests can find a customer’s property easily, users will now be able to manage their Google Map Key to ensure your Google map appears on their site.

GTM ID management

Users will now be able to manage their GTM ID, which is the unique ID generated from Google’s APIs and used for analytics in the CMS. Just enter the unique ID and it will be automatically inserted to a universal genetic code and the system will start tracking whatever GTM a user chooses.

Improved AI auto caption feature for images

We have upgraded the version of AI that auto generates image captions, and it has produced stellar results.

Optimize your website!

An advanced CMS offers hotels a great opportunity to deliver a highly personalized, seamless, and secure website experience. At Cendyn, we’re always listening to our customers and looking for new ways to improve our products. We hope users can make the most of these latest enhancements and use our CMS to enrich the guest journey.

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