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Guestrev is getting a makeover

Achieving total revenue optimization is always the goal, but you need the right RMS to get there. That’s why hoteliers choose Guestrev, a comprehensive revenue management solution built to supercharge profit for every segment of your business, using rules-based automation with the right level of control revenue managers crave.

With Guestrev, you can evaluate and understand your property’s mix of revenue and profit centers holistically and more strategically with up to nine categories of ancillary revenue, custom to your hotel.

With a 90% rate acceptance, Guestrev offers open pricing recommendations by room type and market segment, allowing you to price each room type independently of overall demand based on a multitude of factors.

With our latest release, Guestrev is getting a fresh new look and enhanced functionality designed to help you customize and optimize your workflow. We’ll be releasing enhancements over a series of upcoming deployments. Our initial deployment includes two exciting new features:

  • Day Planner: Day View
  • User Preferences Configuration

With Guestrev’s new format, you will be able to hide, show and expand, or collapse different sections of your workspace, making it easy to create your ideal space and workflow set up.

Enhancement Overview

When you land on the Day View, it will default to the 90-day calendar and the Day View metrics.

  • Show or Hide Options – With the show or hide options, you can focus on what’s most important to you by showing or hiding the 90-day calendar and the Day View metrics.
  • Collapse or Expand Details – Further down the page you have the option to keep the view of Segment Pricing, Forecast, Supply & Demand and other tabs expanded or collapse them to only see the summary line at the top. You can also keep the left side navigation panel expanded, or click the circle icon to collapse it, providing you with more real estate in your workspace.

Be sure to stay tuned, as our team is putting the finishing touches on the new Multi-Day view, which will be available in the next Guestrev deployment, along with even more exciting enhancements.

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