Insider Perspective: Michael Bennett, Chief Marketing Officer

An exclusive interview with Michael Bennett, CMO of Cendyn

Cendyn’s first entry in “Insider Perspective” features Michael Bennett, Chief Marketing Officer at Cendyn. The hospitality technology industry has many leaders and trailblazers that allow the industry to be innovative, cutting-edge, and constantly evolving. Our first “Insider Perspective” feature highlights Michael both professionally and personally in this exclusive interview:

What’s your professional background? How did you start your career in marketing and hospitality industries?

I’ve always been in the digital space since I finished art/design school in 1995. They say timing is everything, and I happened to be at the right place in the early digital days. I was lucky to work on UI for some of the first newspapers online (browser based). I worked for global non-profits and Fortune 50 companies doing eCommerce work until I started my own digital agency in 2003 — that was my introduction to hospitality. We did work for White Lodging, Radisson, Panera Bread, TGI Friday’s, and others. In 2009, I sold the agency and went to work for White Lodging as the VP of eCommerce and never looked back.


What are some defining moments or pivotal points in your career that shaped your leadership style?

I’ve had the honor of working for and with some of the most influential leaders in the hotel industry. There are countless moments, but learning to listen, absorb, and react accordingly from the insights these leaders have to offer has been and will continue to be the moments that shape me. Also, owning an agency and wearing all the hats (HR, Sales, IT, etc.) will shape anyone. It’s the shape you choose that defines you. My biggest success is seeing team members I hired a decade ago move into leadership roles now. Their success is my success.

What made you decide to pivot your career from hotel management company (White Lodging Services) to hotel tech (Cendyn)?  What are the major differences between the two fields and career paths?

Having owned an agency, I was eager to get back to the vendor side of the business. The timing was right and the opportunity to help drive and grow the Cendyn brand on a global basis was too good to pass up.

It’s all hospitality. Sure, we sell software and services, and hotels sell room nights, but at the end of the day, we empower the hotels to sell more rooms and better serve their guests. Happy hotels, happy guests. It’s pretty simple.

How have your role and responsibilities at Cendyn evolved over the past 3 years?


My role has expanded, along with the demand. Mostly because we are truly a global company now. When I started, we were a well-established brand in North America. Now we are a well-established brand globally in addition to being a prominent CRM/Data thought leader. I was recently promoted to Chief Marketing Officer.

What are your main responsibilities as Chief Marketing Officer at Cendyn?

My main responsibilities are to drive demand, establish the brand in new markets, strengthen our position in existing markets, push the boundaries on CRM thought leadership, and consult with enterprise clients.

What’s the most interesting, exciting, and enjoyable part of your job?

The fact that it’s ever evolving. I have the best marketing team in the hospitality tech. They keep pushing me and the boundaries of demand generation, which I love. I love international travel as well. Learning the industry from a regional perspective is amazing.

As part of the leadership team at HSMAI San Diego Chapter, what do you observe as some of the hottest topics that interest industry insiders the most?

Here on the west coast, the hottest topic revolves around the inbound travelers from Asia, in particular, China. A close 2nd are all things digital. Last but not least is the Airbnb impact. Not so much stealing share (although it is discussed quite regularly), but the way it has forced hoteliers to become much more experiential in all aspects of the business.

A lot of us who work in the hospitality industry are passionate about traveling. So what’s on your bucket list for travel?

After millions of air miles around the world,  I still haven’t been to Italy yet. So that’s on top of my list along with Eastern Europe.

Your career must have taken you to many places in the world!  Among your leisure and business trips, what’s your most memorable travel experience?


Last Fall, I had the chance to travel with my daughter Brooklyn to London and southern England for a week. I had amazing moments with her, and watching her absorb it all on her first international trip was a very special experience for me.

How do you plan and prepare for your leisure trips?

I’m pretty militant about my travel, whether it’s business or leisure. My family appreciates it as I have it down to a science. I’m always early, always relax in the SkyClub (I’m a Delta guy through and through) and board early. My girls know exactly what to carry on and what to check. Routine is important to me. And I always keep paper copies of everything, especially internationally. It also pays to have status – leverages it when you need too – especially when traveling with kids!


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