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By Abigail Leon
Posted: 01/28/2016
In today’s economic climate, management demands justification from sponsorships and customer entertainment spend. Many traditional aspects of sponsorships are continually discussed and measured, including signage, product placement and advertising. These translate into a sales lift and support brand strategy.    What about customer entertainment? How does one justify and measure entertaining clients? Vague terms, such as reciprocity, have been used. However, accountability and direct measurement of specific key customer entertainment goals will produce customer entertainment ROI. Whether entertaining customers at the US Open or a NFL game, companies...
Millennial meeting planner’s career goals can differ from those of a seasoned planner. Questions such as: Is this the most efficient way to do my job?  Am I having fun while growing my career? Am I reducing my carbon footprint? are asked and evaluated frequently. With that being said, these young professionals are transforming the meeting and event industry at lightning speed. They seek advice regarding venue selections from social media peers rather than hotel sales managers. Decisions are communicated via text message rather than email; and when email correspondences are exchanged the professional structure is replaced with jargon, abbreviations and...
Much of what is happening in event related technology is more about the technology journey and not really about technology trends. Moving to mobile, being web-based, using wearables, and implementing tracking technologies for marketing purposes is taking a stronger foothold within the industry. Meeting and event planners who have adopted this technology are expanding its usage within their organizations, and those who have been exploring it are now ready to jump in and start ramping up. Still, there are those continuing to explore but are being pushed hard for fear of being left behind and no longer being competitive.   Technology spend is forecast to increase...
By Chris Bram
Director of Product Services
Posted: 01/04/2016
Putting the customer first to create a competitive advantage and improve business performance is an old fashioned marketing approach that still works in our digital marketing era.     In a time where Customer Engagement Technology is readily available, it seems that a lot of energy is still spent on the short-term goal of securing a reservation instead of fostering loyalty. Too many marketers have adopted a narrow, linear vision of a marketing funnel which starts with consideration and abruptly ends with the customer completing his or her purchase.  Over the years, this phenomenon has been largely amplified by the rise of intermediaries like Exp...