Making personalization work in the real world

3 hotel case studies

Personalization data can help hotels do much more than market. With the right kind of data points, hotels can learn unexpected things about their customers, and find better ways to connect with them.

Today, we’re going to look at three hotels deploying personalization across their hotel and hear about their experiences: what they learned, what changed and how it’s helping them run a stronger hospitality organization.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Fontainebleau Miami certainly learned some lessons when they started to parse through their data.

“Like everybody else in the world, we’ve been trying to get a handle on that Millennial and younger customer,” said Josh Herman, executive director of Marketing and PR at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. “One of the interesting things we’ve learned — as much as it’s a young and hip and trendy image we portray here in general at Fontainebleau — is that a lot of the data we’ve gathered has showed us customers in older demos — in their 40s, 50s, and 60s — really are the customers spending significantly more money on-property.”

Working with Cendyn, once they’d removed the data silos, Fontainebleau was able to course correct and better target the demographics that were actually helping their bottom line, focusing their efforts on personalized and targeted marketing of suites to older demographics instead of trying to upsell their luxury accommodations to younger guests at a significant discount. They’ve seen great results and had a noticeable effect on rates.

Hotel Granduca

The Hotel Granduca in Austin, a one-of-a-kind luxury property with breathtaking views, has used personalization to stand out in a crowded market where they are competing with many different hotel chains. Working with Cendyn, they focused on a strategic and thoughtful approach that places an emphasis on guest compatibility and timing, creating hyper targeted campaigns aimed at their super fans and potential guests identified through similar criteria.

“Because we’re able to curate specific lists through the Cendyn CRM database, we’re able to specifically target who and what we want to go after,” explains Ray DeJohn, Director of Sales & Marketing for Hotel Granduca Austin.

The Set Hotels

set hotelsThe Set Hotels, a young, ultra-luxury hotel group based in London, increased their web bookings by over 60% after deploying a personalized, omni-channel strategy
that provided users with customized experiences based on location and data. Using Cendyn partner Achiga’s Live Experience Management platform, The Set was able to orchestrate the
approach across multiple properties, using a consistent, branded look and feel that adapts and responds to a user’s environment.

The Set also recently chose Cendyn for CRM to personalize guest engagement and service. “In order for us to use data in the right way and provide the best possible experience for all
our guests, we need an engine to help power that, and that engine is Cendyn,” said Martijn van Eijk, Director of Guest Loyalty & Retention.

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