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In hospitality, we’re in the business of creating amazing experiences for guests. If you’re a hotelier responsible for securing groups and events, your relationships with planners, the gatekeepers of those experiences, matter to the highest degree. Confidence, flawless execution and creativity are key to building relationships that win the business and last well after the first sale.

At Cendyn, we know this first hand because we’ve sat on that side of the table, with many of our staffers, including myself, having served in the hospitality sales field for many years. As such, how we oversee our relationships with hotels for group sales technology gets the same focus.

Establish trust

This old saying still applies in hospitality, “People buy from who they like.” But who do they like? Buyers want a partner who is responsive, listens to their needs, develops a strategy for their success and even challenges them with new ideas and approaches.

Take the time to really understand a planner’s objectives and use this knowledge to craft the sales pitch to all the stakeholders within the purchasing organization. This establishes a sense of trust that your hotel “gets” the experience they’re looking to achieve and why your hotel is perfectly positioned to deliver.

At Cendyn, we understand the hospitality business and it shows. Our technology and approach to group sales was built specifically around the unique needs of hotels. With rich hospitality expertise on deck, our staff can be proactive to needs, asking the right questions and designing solutions that anticipate new demands. For that reason, the trust factor is heightened.

Focus on engagement vs. a transaction

Are your emails falling flat and phone calls going unanswered? Take the opportunity to monitor response rates – the complex sale of a group or event at your hotel will be a collaborative process and your planners will quickly let you know if your approach is inspiring them to action. On-site, be proactive in gaining feedback – this will let your clients know you want them well taken care of and satisfied, beyond the transactional sale, which breeds loyalty and repeat business.

Keeping the human factor top of mind, Cendyn’s product success teams are engaging with customers 24/7. Hospitality has high turnover at the properties and venues. We monitor usage of our products and offer new trainings. We want customers new to their position to understand our value to their success and use our products to their full potential.

Win the whole team

Winning a big group or event for your hotel, like other major purchasing decisions, often involves persuading a team of influencers, gatekeepers and decision makers. When selling, ensure you’re asking the right questions to address all stakeholder needs and desires, not just the ones immediately articulated by your primary contact.

At Cendyn, we encourage our hotel sales customers to have different departments of the venue use our technology to enhance their efficiencies. Leveraging the products for more than their primary purpose offers value. Cendyn uses technology to enable better operations across an organization, which makes us a great partner.

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