rainmaker product enhancements

rainmaker product enhancements

We’re excited to share the most recent updates to the rainmaker platform. Rainmaker’s guestrev, part of the Cendyn Revenue Cloud, which saw over $11.7B in transient revenue and $1.7B group revenue* in 2019, will now offer the following updated features for customers across the globe:

  • New expanded reports
  • A new Events page where events can be created and viewed in a calendar format
  • A new Competitor Rate page where competitor rates and competitor rate weighting can be viewed and edited
  • A new and improved Reservations and Lost Business page, which provides interactivity with the displayed data
  • A new Group Evaluator page containing a displacement tool that helps determine a group’s value


Guestrev for web now offers up to 14 different reports – bringing it in line with rainmaker’s guestrev desktop application.

These reports offer a comprehensive understanding of your whole business and allow you to track metrics down to the day and/or segment level.

guestrev reports


Events in guestrev can result in extraordinary demand that affects your hotel. They provide vital insight and high impact to your data. With this new enhancement, Events can now be created and viewed on the new and improved Events page in a sleek calendar format. The calendar allows users to see:

  • Events in the system
  • KPIs for each day – for example Action Index, Transient Occupancy Percentage and Average Arrival Length of Stay

This comprehensive new view consolidates your everyday metrics into one simple view, allowing you to get on with your day-to-day tasks in a more effective and efficient manner.

guestrev Events

Competitor Rates

The new Competitor Rates page displays competitor rates entered either manually into the system or via a subscribed third-party service. A new editable format to this page allows weighting to be added and maintained here at all times.

guestrev Competior-rates

Reservations and Lost Business

Improving on the previous Reservations and Lost Business report, this new page allows interaction with data by individual reservation ID or by any other columns found on the page.


Group evaluator

To enable you to have a clear picture of your group booking information and the group’s profitability and displacement potential, we are happy to introduce to you our new Group Evaluator tool. Analysis is at your fingertips in this new and improved view on the Group Evaluator page.

To find out more about rainmaker’s guestrev or to learn more about these new enhancements please contact info@cendyn.com.

Group-evaluator guestrev

*Cendyn, internal data, 2019, US only.


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