Staying ahead of the game: The power of a loyalty integration with a reservation system

Staying ahead of the game: The power of a loyalty integration with a reservation system

In the fast-paced world of the casino hotel industry, one crucial aspect has remained stagnant for too long – the reservation process. Manual and disjointed systems have led to inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction. For loyal players, this means hurdles in booking their stays and securing special offers tailored to their preferences. However, a game-changing solution is revolutionizing how casinos interact with their most valued customers.

Challenges faced by casinos due to disjointed systems

Operational inefficiency: Without a loyalty integration, players cannot search for and book their stay while taking advantage of their loyalty benefits at your casino. Additionally, the current method of providing complimentary rooms on a first-come, first-served basis often results in lost opportunities to reward higher Average Daily Theoretical (ADT) players. This inefficiency translates into potential profit losses for the casino. 

Furthermore, when a player chooses to stay for an extended period that includes both complimentary and paid stays, the casino hotel staff needs to create multiple bookings for a single-person reservation. This leads to confusion at the front desk, especially during back-to-back reservations.

Call center ineffectiveness: Players often call the casino’s call center to ensure they receive all the available benefits and offers available for their reservation. The agent then searches for player information in one database, loyalty offers in another, and often manually overwrite the rates. In this example, the process of manually booking reservations through the call center is time-consuming and taking place across disconnected systems. This also leads to higher operational costs for the casinos as they primarily outsource these call center services to a third party who bills them on perminute basis.

The Importance of Loyalty Integration and Pegasus™ CRS Solution

In the fiercely competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, customer loyalty drives success. For casinos, establishing solid relationships with loyal customers is of paramount importance. Integrating loyalty programs with reservation systems can be a game-changer.

The Pegasus CRS seamlessly connects with the casino management portal and its loyalty program, resolving critical challenges for the casino industry, including:

  • Player-based complimentary restrictions
    With Pegasus CRS, casino hotels can create rate plans, discounts, and complimentary room limits based on a player’s ranking system tied to their ADT value. When players interact with the casino through the call center or direct booking engine, the Pegasus CRS system automatically handles rates, availability, and complimentary rooms, streamlining the process for players and staff. Additionally, quick information sharing leads to a more satisfying customer experience. 
  • Streamlined multi-rate and complimentary restrictions
    The Pegasus CRS simplifies the reservation process by combining complimentary and paid rooms into a single booking when a player chooses to stay for an extended period. It streamlines operations for the front desk members during back-to-back reservations while efficiently allocating rooms.
  • Direct booking engine
    Players gain direct access to casino hotel offerings and loyalty rewards, providing an efficient and hassle-free way to book their stays.
  • Empowering the call center
    Call center agents with a wealth of player information can promptly offer tailored perks such as free parking, early check-ins, airport pick-ups, and extra room nights. This personalized approach enhances the customer experience, speeds up reservation completion, and fosters greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, every minute saved on the call saves casinos money, providing a more cost-effective strategy.

The Pegasus CRS offers an innovative solution that streamlines operations, reduces costs, and enhances customer experiences for casinos. If you need an industry-leading reservation system that seamlessly integrates with your loyalty program, we would love to show you the undeniable benefits that the Pegasus CRS can bring to your casino business. Stay ahead in the game by embracing the future of reservation systems and revolutionizing your approach to customer loyalty.

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