The single point of truth

Let’s get the story straight, Cendyn was the first company to offer fully integrated Hotel CRM and Data-Driven Digital Marketing solutions in the hospitality vertical, despite the occasional misstatement by industry peers who were unaware that we already implemented these strategies more than a decade ago. Over the past 20 years, we’ve successfully implemented solutions across the entire industry in more than 30,000 hotels worldwide.

Leveraging our considerable experience and reach, Cendyn ties innovation to proven revenue production, facilitating all vital aspects of the marketing, sales and events hospitality business. We collaborate with top travel and tech leaders, including partnerships with Google, Oracle, Amadeus and TripAdvisor to empower our cloud-based solutions.

As a result, Cendyn has the most integrated CRM stack in the hospitality industry. Over time, we’ve increased the number of system connections to more than 150 different sources. Combining these into a single CRM solution unleashes new levels of efficiency and productivity across seemingly separate departments.

Harnessing cloud computing for hospitality

Cendyn solutions utilize the power and flexibility of the cloud, creating an infrastructure that supports the use of multiple platforms in the hospitality vertical. This enables greater guest service capabilities and teamwork among staff members, linking personnel into a centralized revenue generation system. As a cloud-based solution, redundancy has been built in, helping to preserve data and creating reliability.

Redundant databases represent only one aspect of keeping systems safe. The security and integrity of our database and software systems continue to form one of the core tenets of our solutions.

Conforming to important standards shows dedication to high-quality digital products and client services. Our innovation extends past these standards, allowing our clients to access leading-edge software and strategies that improve the bottom line.

Sole solution for enterprise analytics in hospitality

As the only Hospitality CRM using enterprise-level reporting built on top of the powerful IBM Cognos platform, the depth of insight provided by Cendyn helps to create actionable conclusions from the massive amount of data that hoteliers generate. Predictive analysis baked into the software solution creates 360-degree view, connecting separate viewpoints into a cohesive whole. This type of predictive intelligence serves everyone in the hospitality industry, including owners, management, staff and guests.

When customers choose our integrated CRM and data-driven digital marketing services, stakeholders obtain an average return of 33x, which is best-in-class for the hospitality industry. The Cendyn Hospitality Cloud scales to accommodate the needs of all hotel types and sizes. Our Hotel CRM Suite features extensive personalization, configured according to specific needs. The Hotel Digital Marketing Suite combines personalization with automation, helping to optimize conversion rates for campaigns while reducing the resources required to manage them.

The Cendyn Sales Cloud remains one of the most popular solutions in the world for hotel sales, with nearly all major global brands choosing one of our sales solutions. The Cendyn Events Cloud is trusted with more than $1 billion in annual event spending, providing a corporate events suite that streamlines attendee and financial management, supplier data, sourcing and even ticket management.

Integrating new opportunities

Cendyn solutions offer a single point of truth by integrating different functionalities into a streamlined digital infrastructure. Our hospitality CRM has been fully integrated for more than 10 years, serving hotels and businesses globally through on-going innovation.

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