Unveiling the momentum: The story behind Cendyn’s rebrand

Unveiling the momentum: The story behind Cendyn's rebrand

Over the past couple of years, Cendyn has undergone a significant transformation, culminating in the development of a fully integrated platform after acquiring key technology partners. However, in the midst of this complexity, one thing became abundantly clear: we needed to simplify our positioning to demonstrate the immense value our solutions bring to hoteliers. This is when we decided to refresh our branding and positioning in the industry. 

Our objectives

As we embarked on this journey, we outlined four crucial objectives for our rebrand: 

  1. Clarity: We aimed to have a straightforward yet impactful message that resonated with our audience.
  2. Human connection: It was essential to showcase the human element of our work and highlight the daily endeavors of both our team and our customers in the hospitality industry.
  3. Personalization: Our brand needed to reflect personalized elements that catered to the unique needs of our customers.
  4. Flexibility: We wanted our brand identity to be adaptable and flexible enough to accommodate our continued growth and evolution as a company.

The common thread

Through this discovery, we uncovered a common thread: momentum. Everything we do, every solution we provide, every conversation we have with our customers is geared towards driving growth and momentum for them.

This momentum manifests in a cycle that we drew:

    • Starting with data: Leveraging highly relevant targeting sets the stage for attracting prospective guests.
    • Motivating guests: Providing personalized experiences motivate guests to book directly.
    • Growth momentum kicks in when data and personalization is put into play: Direct bookings lead to enhanced guest experiences and strengthened loyalty.
    • Profit and reinvestment: Profits from direct bookings are reinvested into the business, fueling further growth and momentum that kicks back to more data.

This continuous cycle propels hoteliers towards profitability, growth, and an expanded loyal customer base.

Our visual identity

Our new visual identity embodies this momentum and growth, with a refreshed color scheme of vibrant greens symbolizing vitality and progress.

Complemented by a subtle yet captivating supplementary palette, our colors reflect our role in nurturing guest relationships and driving success for our customers.

Our positioning

The focus on growth allowed us to redefine our comprehensive set of solutions into 3 categories. This started out with us diving into the core components of a successful hotel business – uncovering new guests and leveraging tools to allow them to discover your hotel, driving them to book direct where possible, and then fostering relationships with them onsite to encourage them to come back.

Our sketch started out here:

Keeping in mind our four objectives at the beginning, we looked at how we could simplify this and in turn, make sure it felt human and relatable, so we focused in on:

FIND: Attracting perfect guests through SEO, digital marketing, and creative services.
BOOK: Enhancing guest experiences with seamless booking processes and comprehensive communication tools.
GROW: Transforming positive experiences into profit and reinvestment through revenue management solutions.

Through our integrated solutions—FIND, BOOK, and GROW—we empower hoteliers to find new guests, book more direct, and ultimately grow revenue.

In aligning our fonts with our brand identity, we ensure consistency and cohesion across all touchpoints, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Cendyn’s rebranding isn’t just a visual overhaul; it’s a testament to our dedication to driving momentum, growth, and success for our customers in the dynamic landscape of hospitality technology.


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