Meet the Cendyn Team: Travel chat with Chris Bram

Travel chat with Chris Bram, Sr. Director of CRM Product Services

Name: Chris Bram

Title: Sr. Director of CRM Product Services

How long have you been traveling? 19 years

What do you do to avoid getting sick? Green juice

What is the best way to change currency? Who uses cash anymore?

Aisle or window? Window, I can hold it.

Tips on how to take a nap on a plane? Lean against the window.

What’s your favorite airline and hotel? Airline: JetBlue / Hotel: So many to choose from but Loews is consistently a great experience.

Best way to overcome jetlag? Stay awake, plenty of emails to catch up on.

What is your favorite/worst thing about traveling? Favorite: Checking out local brew pubs and adding a new pint glass to my collection / Worst: Loading by zones, absolutely no logic to this method.

What is your longest trip to date? 8 nights – Honolulu, Hawaii

Do you believe you don’t know someone untill you’ve traveled with them? Absolutely – how much they pack, what they wear on the plane, how they snack, what they read or watch, arrive early or late, Uber or cab, restaurant or room service … I’ve said too much.

What is your travel horror story? A weather delay traveling back from Salt Lake City caused me to miss my connection in Atlanta to Jacksonville … where I left my car. At midnight, I rented a car in Atlanta to drive 4 hours home to Tallahassee for an important morning meeting. Then, after my meeting I drove 5 hours round trip to get my car in Jacksonville.

Favorite destination and why? Salt Lake City, Utah – Nothing better than an escape into the mountains with my brother and friends.


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