Bellstar Hotels & Resorts
Bellstar Hotels & Resorts is a Canadian-based management company that manages six destination resorts with 712 rooms across Western Canada, with properties in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, British Columbia, and Vancouver Island. Bellstar ensures each managed property maintains its unique individuality and exceptional guest experience, while leveraging key centralized management resources ensuring operating efficiencies.
Customer Story

Bellstar Hotels & Resorts sees success with Pegasus CRS and Booking Engine

Discover how the company drove direct bookings and stayed competitive in their market


Bellstar’s stellar revenue management team sought a CRS and booking engine solution that would allow them to implement their expert revenue strategies simply and efficiently.


Bellstar partnered with Cendyn to implement our CRS and Booking Engine. This allowed them access to a wide range of solutions designed to help them drive direct bookings and stay competitive in their market. Utilizing tools such as the Booking Engine’s dynamic pricing module, geo-targeting capabilities, and automated best rate guarantee, Bellstar Hotels saw significant increases in website conversions and revenue.

I really love working with the team at Cendyn, from client service to product specialists. They’ve all been fantastic, and in comparison to companies in a similar space that we’ve worked with before, honestly, the client service is like night and day. — Eric Gooden, Marketing Manager, Bellstar Hotels & Resorts


Since launching Cendyn’s CRS and Booking Engine in November 2017, Bellstar Hotels has seen a 37% increase in website conversion rate and a 48% increase in overall revenue. Further, the marketing team is able to use Pegasus these tools to successfully run congruent campaigns throughout the year. This allows them to achieve a wide variety of reservations and event booking — including vacationers, family gatherings, weddings, corporate events, and association conferences.

Increase in website conversion rate
Increase in overall revenue

This case study was completed before the Cendyn and Pegasus merger but Bellstar can now benefit from the suite of Cendyn products.