Personalized Pricing: the Path to Greater Profitability in 2020

What’s the secret to optimizing profits in 2020? Combining the distribution savvy of revenue management with CRM’s insights into guest behavior and preferences.

With closer collaboration, your hotel can reap the benefits of a personalized pricing strategy—engaging in highly targeted marketing by providing the right offers at the right time through the right channels.

You’ll learn: 

• A simple framework for personalized pricing
• Knowing when to offer discounts or value-adds
• The relationship between pricing, profit and probability of purchase
• Personalizing purchase opportunities at each stage of the customer journey
• Tips from hoteliers on integrating CRM and revenue data, strategies and practices

-Kelly McGuire, renowned revenue management & hospitality analytics expert
-Dan Skodol, VP, Data Science & Analytics, Cendyn
-Casey Munck, Director of Marketing, Americas
-Daniel Craig, Founder, Reknown


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