Hotel revenue growth spearheads Cendyn’s repositioning

Cendyn boosts hoteliers’ search advertising campaigns with new Google integration

Google Search Ads integrates with Cendyn Digital Marketing Platform, offering hoteliers a unified multi-channel advertising solution to boost direct bookings and revenue.  

Boca Raton, Florida – 16 April 2024: Cendyn, a global integrated hotel technology and services company, has announced the integration of its popular Digital Marketing Platform (DMP) with Google Search Ads.

The integration enables hoteliers to streamline their advertising efforts, accessing Google Ads’ full range of functionality – including keyword research, optimization, geo-targeting, audience segmentation, and tracking – alongside consolidated campaign results and data analysis in Cendyn DMP’s Report Center, encouraging strategic adjustments based on real-time performance.

Hotel marketers are also able to leverage Google Performance Max for travel goals (PMTG) directly from Cendyn’s DMP, serving targeted advertisements across all Google’s advertising products such as YouTube, Gmail, Search, Maps, Hotel Ads and more – reaching more travelers across different stages of their purchase journey.

Centralization is key to efficiency, and the integration of Google Search Ads into the Cendyn DMP exemplifies our commitment to providing a unified advertising management tool for hoteliers, helping them work smarter, not harder,” said Michael Bennett, President and CMO of Cendyn.

Paid search is crucial in increasing brand visibility, driving qualified website traffic, and generating direct bookings. Whether a hotel’s core advertising objective is brand protection against competitors or OTAs, or to acquire customers through a more generic campaign focused on facilities, services, or location, hoteliers can improve direct bookings and reduce OTA commissions by including paid search as part of their commercial strategy.

Said Bennett: “A data-driven approach is vital for hoteliers proactively managing their advertising and wanting to increase their return on ad spend (ROAS). Our research suggests hotels can boost direct bookings by up to 30% with an all-in-one digital ad management solution. The unification of Google Search Ads into Cendyn DMP boosts efficiency, and empowers hoteliers to elevate their visibility and revenue through simplified and strategic advertising decisions.

Cendyn DMP integrates with over 150 market-leading engines, CRS, and bespoke technologies. With the new Google Search Ads integration, Cendyn reaffirms its commitment to providing innovative solutions which facilitate a hotel’s success in today’s dynamic digital marketing landscape.

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