2L Collection - Cendyn Customer Story

2L Collection reaches +35% of direct revenue with Cendyn website services


Given the diversity of establishments within the group, a different and personalized approach was necessary for each hotel. The objectives of 2L Collection were to:

  • Capture a leisure and family clientele in the French, European, and American markets
  • Convey a high-end image via websites that reflect the prestigious image of each establishment
  • Be visible on the different distribution channels that travelers use on the web
  • Control costs and overall profitability of solutions
  • Optimize the return on investment of different web solutions


To accompany 2L Collection in its various challenges:

  •  Development of the popularity of the establishments
  •  Exclusive positioning of the hotels
  •  Control of direct web distribution costs

We started by working on a website design for all the hotels to highlight the uniqueness of each establishment, the experiences, and the character of each hotel of the 2L Collection group. Due to the diversity of the group’s hotels, we have established a tailored media strategy with a specific approach for the two châteaux, which have a high seasonal distribution, and the Paris hotels.

To improve communication and work in complete transparency, we have set up common reporting tools that allow all stakeholders to have real-time access to the performance of each hotel’s website. We also use these tools to monitor performance and track all actions taken to increase direct bookings for the hotels.

A trusted agency that allows us to develop our direct sales. We appreciate the relationship established with Cendyn’s team. They succeed in implementing an effective digital marketing strategy at a lower cost. Thanks to Cendyn's solutions, our distribution cost is only 2.14% for all our establishments!
Alice Belgrand Revenue Manager, 2L Collection


Thanks to the personalized websites of each hotel and the deployment of our customized media strategy, the 2L Collection group has strengthened the visibility and notoriety of each of the establishments with an average increase of 27% of traffic on the websites.

The continuous monitoring of investments and the surveillance of the digital distribution of the establishments have enabled the group to achieve a direct digital distribution cost of 2.14% while increasing online direct bookings by 35%.

The efforts and investments made in digital distribution to drive direct bookings allow 2L Collection to attract more customers via their websites while keeping an optimal distribution cost for their establishments.

Results year 2023 and 2022 vs 2023:

Growth in direct revenue
Direct digital distribution cost in total media spend
Metasearch campaigns acquisition in total media spend
Paid search acquisition cost for in total media spend

This case study was completed before the Cendyn acquisition of WIHP but 2L Collection can now benefit from the suite of Cendyn products.

2L Collection


2L Collection is a luxury hotel brand created in 2018 by the Caravelle Group. This brand brings together homes with a special atmosphere where the values cherished by the owners of the place, the Martel family, shine through. The Caravelle Group acquired their first hotel in Paris in 2012, which marked the beginning of their expansion in the hotel sector. In 2018, they decided to create the 2L Collection brand to communicate around the values and experience offered by the group's hotels. 2L Collection consists of four 5-star hotels located in France: two hotels in Paris, a chateau in Normandy and another in Provence. The group is aiming for 10 establishments by 2030!

Products Used

Digital Marketing, Website

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