The Crawford Hotel enjoys a successful SEM account launch

Cendyn used agency best practices and creative keyword structures to increase direct bookings.


The Crawford Hotel in Denver sought to launch a new SEM account with a focus on ROAS.


Cendyn categorized brand keywords into three ad groups in order to gauge performance:

  • Brand name only
  • Brand name + Denver
  • Brand name + Colorado

By managing these searches separately, Cendyn was able to scrutinize top markets and keyword match types at the campaign level. Then, we used tailored messaging to our top audience group: family travelers.


After the first two weeks, we were able to measure which keywords outperformed the others at the local level. So we prioritized our spend for those ad groups to ensure every cent contributed to a conversion. During the first month, we averaged 20:1 ROAS (Google 19:1 & Bing 24:1) and contributed 23% of total website revenue.


Search patterns & tailored messaging

The search landscape is forever changing, meaning that a ‘set and forget’ approach to SEO is ineffective. It’s important to regularly check performance to ensure campaigns mirror the latest search trends and conversion patterns, and that the copy speaks to the target audience.

Account structure & naming convention

It’s important to ensure your campaign and ad structure (as well as naming conventions) make sense. This will save time and make shifting budget to the most effective ads easy. A messy account structure is bound to result in missed opportunities.

Capture qualified audiences

You don't need the largest budget to see returns. It can be very cost-effective to identify existing demand that can be captured by targeting qualified audiences and keywords. Even if you can't cover all brand searches, you can cover brand searches with intent to book — those lowest in the funnel.

The Crawford Hotel

This case study was completed before the Cendyn and NextGuest merger but The Crawford Hotel can now benefit from the suite of Cendyn products.


The Crawford Hotel


More than a hotel in Denver, The Crawford Hotel is the best place to meet, shop, eat, drink, and sleep — right above the iconic Denver Union Station. Enter through the bustling railway station, where an immediate sense of wonder and excitement welcomes you. With historic details such as 65-foot ceilings, soaring windows, and stunning chandeliers, the revitalized landmark is your portal to the best of modern-day Denver, complete with acclaimed restaurants, shops, and gathering places loved by locals and visitors alike.

Products Used

Digital Marketing

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