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The Pilgrm success story – eInsight CRM & digital marketing

Driving revenue with Cendyn’s digital marketing services

The Pilgrm is a thoughtfully curated boutique hotel just a stone’s throw from Paddington Station. The hotel’s design identity focuses on sustainability and seamlessly blending the building’s Victorian features with carefully chosen materials, lighting and furnishings.

When The Pilgrm opened their hotel in 2017, they had several major goals they wanted to accomplish, including: building their guest database from scratch, finding creative and cost-effective strategies to promote their brand in a crowded market, identifying their target audiences, and crafting the right messaging to attract each group.

Download the customer success story and learn how The Pilgrm leveraged Cendyn’s eInsight CRM and digital marketing services to identify their most valuable guests, create personalized messaging and boost revenue at their hotel.