How to prepare your hotel for the end of Universal Analytics

With the end of Universal Analytics (UA) on the horizon, it’s time for hoteliers to get serious about preparing for the shift to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Beyond the new platform and interface, GA4 represents a monumental change for the hospitality industry that prioritizes holistic user journeys and omni-channel approaches over cookies and invasive trackers to measure performance across websites and mobile devices. To successfully make the switch, hotels need to set up a transition timeline, decide how and where to safely store existing data, and update the reports and dashboards they want to keep using.

While change can be overwhelming, GA4 also comes with a lot of exciting new features that can help hotels better understand the entire guest lifecycle. Even better – you don’t have to take on these changes and challenges alone. What this on-demand webinar with Luke Markesky, SVP, Global eCommerce at Cendyn, and Gil Christenberry, Head of Content at Calibrate Analytics to learn more making the switch to GA4 as well as how it can provide hoteliers with additional ownership over their own hotel data.

During this exciting and informative 30-minute webinar we’ll go over:

  • Timelines for the UA/GA4 transition
  • The major differences between UA & GA4
  • The range of benefits of GA4
  • Important steps hoteliers can take to prepare for the transition
  • How Cendyn is helping hotels successfully modernize their data and switch to GA4
Google Analytics 4

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