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How to align hotel revenue, marketing & operations
Here are 10 tips for finding that sweet spot between accountability, ownership, and independence for your team.
team work steps
De la búsqueda a la reserva: personaliza el viaje completo del cliente
Desde la selección de un destino hasta la búsqueda de la estancia en sí, se trata de crear el mensaje adecuado, entregado en el mejor momento a través del canal preferido de los huéspedes.
guest journey touchpoints
How to win at hotel operations
Operations is the beating heart of the hotel, the place where guest expectations meet reality and lasting impressions are made.
Win at hotel operations
How to tell stories with your data
Get our latest infographic to see how data visualization can help you unlock the transformational power of storytelling at your hotel and close the insights to action gap.
Cendyn - data storytelling
How to win at revenue management
Discover the winning principles of hotel revenue management and see how you can excel at being one of the key cogs that drives the hotel engine.
How to win at hotel marketing
Commit to being the best in your role with these winning guiding principles for hotel marketers.
Data Snacks
Learn how hotel bite-sized analytics can have an oversized impact and 5 data “snacks” to try now.
Cendyn_data snacks
From looking to booking: personalize the whole guest journey
From selecting a destination to researching the stay itself, it’s all about crafting the right message, delivered at the best time through the guests’ preferred channel.
guest journey touchpoints
Going from a Hotel Database to an Ecosystem
For 2019, hotels need to think about data existing in an ecosystem that lives, connects and breathes based on the ebb and flow of the entire community.
Going from a hotel database to an ecosystem | Cendyn
Let’s hear it for the brand!
Brand consistency is table stakes when it comes to guest loyalty.
Cendyn - brand guide for hotels
Black Friday & Cyber Monday campaigns
Crush the deal season with our 2018 playbook for hotel marketers.
Black Friday/Cyber Monday
10 tips to close group business
Shorten the sales cycle with hotel proposals that win more deals.
The perfect hotel sales proposal
In this infographic we look at the top 10 tips to make your hotel sales proposal stand out from the crowd.
10 tips to win the business
Best practices for email design
Here are seven best-practice tips to ensure you’re keeping a mobile-first email design strategy.
Email design best practices
Discover everything you need to know about hotel CRM
We highlight the key concepts of CRM and how each role can play a part in the implementation and success of CRM at your hotel.
CRM cheat sheet
10 secrets to stellar email opens and click-throughs
10 secrets to keep your hotel’s emails from getting lost in a crowded inbox.
secrets for email opens
Display ad guide for hoteliers
Break through the distractions to create an ad experience that is engaging and hits just the right tone.
dos and don'ts of display ads
International email marketing law guidelines
International email marketing law guidelines
To help guide you through these laws, we've created an infographic to help keep you in check.
email law infographic
10 steps to a successful hotel CRM deployment
A step-by-step guide that takes the guesswork out of a successful CRM implementation.