Revintel: Compose hotel data into intelligent insights

Revintel: Compose hotel data into intelligent insights

Whether it comes from a PMS, CRS, sales and catering solution, revenue management system, CRM or countless others, every hotel faces the daunting task of analyzing disparate data from multiple sources. The adoption of Business Intelligence (BI) software continues to increase at a rapid pace, especially as hotels navigate the current landscape with fewer resources and unpredictable market conditions.

Having the ability to view, access and analyze your data through detailed dashboards and visualizations requires a great deal of time and resources, and can be prone to human error. That’s why it’s never been more important for hotels to remain agile and reduce time-consuming tasks to quickly activate data across their entire business.‎

Revintel, Cendyn’s powerful cloud-based BI solution, now allows you to spend even more time on analysis and strategy rather than acquiring data, thanks to its newest feature, Compose. Compose, driven by Power BI, is Revintel’s latest tool. It enables you to create unique and custom-view insights into your business and share data stories faster with highly visual, interactive reports and dashboards. You can tailor reports down to your preferences and design personalized dashboards with easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality.

Revintel Compose use cases:

  • Distribution costs can be one of the highest top-line expense items for a hotel. Whether it’s brand fees, commission fees from an online travel agency (OTA), central reservation system (CRS) or others, each of these channels have varying cost implications. By analyzing your entire channel mix and performance, you can determine the most lucrative channels for your hotel and see if the return of value is worth the investment.
  • The manual reporting process via spreadsheets and csv files can restrict access to real-time data and revenue-guided decisions. Build your custom reports once and save valuable time by scheduling these reports to send at a pre-defined time that’s convenient for your entire team or individuals based on their role and level of detail, fostering more effective collaboration between teams and focusing on big-picture strategy.
  • Cross-team collaboration can be challenging, especially with different departments using different, siloed systems. By leveraging datasets and scheduled reports that can be sent to any team member, Revintel Compose allows teams to work together to help plan campaigns around dips in bookings. For example, use your pace report to determine when marketing should plan offers to different segments.
  • Really knowing your guests and understanding how and why they book is a challenge, especially in uncertain times. With Revintel Compose, use visualizations to understand guest-related trends, such as how they make their reservations and what room types they tend to book, as well as how they’re spending their money. Customer data can be organized by market segments and broken out by geography, demographics, lead time and more. Use this information to influence future campaigns and predict market trends.

Powerful Template Reports ready to use “as is”

Template Reports found in Compose are incredibly powerful when used “as is” and offer full flexibility and responsiveness to filters applied to them. Templates are a perfect way to start customizing your own reports and visualizations. Whether you want to change the metrics, the type of visualization or simply the color scheme and fonts, making reports and dashboards on your own is easy. Three example templates available are: Day of Week Report, Market Report and Room Type Report.

Fully interactive visualizations with responsive filters

With filters offering data segmentation how you need it, Revintel Compose also features amazing, fully interactive visualizations. You can drill into the data by selecting a portion of one of the visualizations, and the rest of the report will respond by focusing on the selected data.

For example, the donut charts below show Room Revenue and Rooms Sold for both Transient and Group. When you click on the Group segment (in blue) in either chart …

… the data displayed in both charts and the matrix update to focus only on Room Revenue and Rooms Sold for Group, as seen above.

Custom brand-matched reports and visualizations

Compose allows you to stay on brand even while you’re reporting out on your data. Seamlessly create your own custom brand-matched interactive visualizations in a variety of formats, from standard bar, column and pie charts to more complex designs.

Build and analyze custom dashboards and reports in a matter of minutes

Compose makes it easier than ever to create a simpler, more engaging user experience with drag-and-drop functionality for reports. The drag-and-drop functionality allows anyone on your team to build and analyze custom dashboards and reports in just minutes — no complex spreadsheets or programming required.

Save your team valuable time by automating the reporting process and creating highly custom, interactive visualizations. For more information on Revintel Compose, schedule a demo today.


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