How Greystone Hotels increased CRM campaign revenue by over 200%

As a hotel management company, Greystone Hotels needed to operationalize CRM across its portfolio. Creating a scalable model to penetrate each hotel’s market was difficult without the right CRM to track behaviors and preferences.

With Cendyn eInsight CRM, Greystone Hotels gained a flexible tool to really understand guest preferences and patterns at each hotel and rolled up as a portfolio. This predictive intelligence resulted in less reliance on the OTAs and more direct bookings from loyal guests.

Success stats with Cendyn eInsight:

  • CRM campaign revenue: +209%
  • New emails captured: +21%
  • Guest records with valid emails: +19%
  • OTA booked stays: -20%

“With Cendyn, we have the ability to segment, parse and really drill down into data, both individually and at a more macro level. It really helps us focus and deliver specific, targeted messages that guests really want,” said Dave Rubin, Vice President of Marketing Communications. “Cendyn offers the most robust CRM technology in the business from segmentation to targeting, data collection and reporting.”

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