Miraval Resorts
Miraval Resorts operate luxury, wellness destination resorts and spas in three locations, including two new properties in Austin, Texas and Lenox, Massachusetts. Miraval is more than a typical upscale resort, offering a wide variety of wellness activities – yoga, fitness classes, culinary experiences, and outdoor adventures from challenge courses to hiking and biking excursions. Miraval’s brand and mission centers on a strong belief in mindfulness. All resort offerings are based on mindful choices and wellness intentions, which includes equipping guests with the tools and knowledge they need to continue their journey once they leave the resort and are back in their daily lives.
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Miraval Resorts success story - combining CRM & Digital Marketing

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After experiencing record highs of engagement going into the first two months of 2020, Miraval, like many resorts, faced a wave of new challenges brought on by the global pandemic. In addition to the issues facing their popular Arizona resort, Miraval was also in the process of launching two new locations in Austin, Texas and Lenox, Massachusetts. Miraval needed a way to keep engaging with previous guests while travel was on hold as well as come up with a strategic plan for re-entering the market, including when to launch new initiatives, which audiences to focus on and what messaging to send.


During the height of the COVID pandemic, Miraval had to temporarily black out their digital marketing
campaigns while still keeping guests engaged and informed about the status of each resort location. With the help of Cendyn’s eInsight CRM, Miraval was able to use their data to clearly communicate with guests regarding overall brand messaging, property status, health and safety protocols and other important information.

Once digital marketing was back on the table, the Cendyn Digital Marketing team closely worked with Miraval to create dynamic, audience-targeted campaigns to drive distinct demand to each of the resort’s three destinations without cannibalizing any single location or “stealing” market share from one another.

Going into the role of DM Director, my goal was to improve user experience across all channels from web and CRM. We have so much information to convey to our guests and website users, it can be hard to distill that down into a clear and simple message. We needed a way to more efficiently get that information to our guests. Potential guests want to get the information they need from their phone or desktop without having to call the resort or dig too far into the website. We had to cut to the core of our brand and focus on how we differentiate ourselves as an experiential destination that is not only safe but can enhance your wellbeing.
- Heather David
Director of Digital Marketing


“Cendyn’s integrated approach to marketing includes various products and services that all work together and are all available under one roof.”
“Real, tangible results – while we’ve seen significant financial results so far, we are always interested in testing new strategies and looking for ways to really pushing things forward. Cendyn is always open to those suggestions, regularly comes up with recommendations we wouldn’t have thought of, and the result is a very positive and collaborative relationship.”
“Great team members and account managers who are supportive and really understand the brand and the mission. “


“Miraval Austin is a success story in itself. As a new resort there are always challenges at the beginning, including construction delays and other issues that did initially impact the guest experience. With our CRM and Digital Marketing efforts, we’ve had a very quick recovery and recently had our best performing month ever. That’s a great milestone for a resort that is less than two years old and had to close and reopen during the pandemic.”
– Heather David, Director of Digital Marketing, Miraval Resorts







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Since the beginning of Miraval’s partnership with Cendyn in 2014, the resort has accomplished the following results using Cendyn’s eInsight CRM and digital marketing services:

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